UPDATE: Typhoon kills three, forces thousands to evacuate

September 16, 2013


Three people were confirmed dead after Typhoon No. 18 drenched much of the main Japanese island on Sept. 16.

Landslides killed two women in Shiga and Fukui prefectures and swollen rivers prompted evacuation orders for nearly 270,000 people.

A man in Kitakami, Iwate Prefecture, fell from a ladder while trying to close a window on the roof of a greenhouse and died of his injuries.

The storm hit land near Toyohashi, Aichi Prefecture, before 8 a.m. and moved along Honshu throughout the day, damaging buildings, disrupting transportation and causing blackouts.

The body of Yukiko Sato, 71, was recovered around noon from her destroyed two-story wooden house in Ritto in the southwestern part of Shiga Prefecture, police said. Her 19-year-old grandson who was living at the home was unhurt.

In Mihama in southern Fukui Prefecture, the body of Mieko Takemoto, 77, was found in earth and sand in the evening after her two-story wooden home was destroyed by a landslide.

About 150 members of the Self-Defense Forces were dispatched to Kyoto Prefecture to pile sandbags on part of the Katsuragawa river, which breached its banks and inundated some homes, the Kyoto city government said.

Earlier, the city government issued evacuation orders for 268,445 people of 109,964 households near the Katsuragawa river and the Ujigawa river. It also issued an evacuation advisory for 33,993 people of 15,395 households.

The Osaka city government issued an evacuation advisory for about 300,000 people of 131,000 households over concerns that the Yamatogawa river could flood. Neighboring Sakai city recommended the evacuation of 42,000 people in 19,400 households.

The typhoon knocked out power to 32,040 households in eight prefectures, including Fukui and Mie, in and around the Kinki region, Kansai Electric Power Co. said.

Operations were suspended on the Tokaido Shinkansen Line between Mishima and Shizuoka stations in Shizuoka Prefecture because of rising water levels in the Fujikawa river, Central Japan Railway Co. said.

Services were also halted on the Tohoku, Akita, Joetsu and Nagano Shinkansen lines because of the weather, East Japan Railway Co. said.

A total of 363 flights scheduled to depart from or land at Haneda Airport in central Tokyo were canceled as of 12:30 p.m., the transport ministry said.

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Guests of an inn flee the flooding from the Katsuragawa river in Kyoto on Sept. 16. (Noboru Tomura)

Guests of an inn flee the flooding from the Katsuragawa river in Kyoto on Sept. 16. (Noboru Tomura)

  • Guests of an inn flee the flooding from the Katsuragawa river in Kyoto on Sept. 16. (Noboru Tomura)
  • Streets are flooded in Obama, Fukui Prefecture, on Sept. 16. (Hideki Muroya)
  • Typhoon No. 18 causes the cancellation of  domestic flights at Haneda Airport’s No. 1 Terminal. (Yusaku Kanagawa)

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