Upper House computers also hacked

November 03, 2011

A cyber-attack that infected the central server of the Lower House of Japan’s Diet, allowing hackers access to lawmakers’ ID codes and passwords, also compromised office computers used by Upper House members.

An e-mail message sent from the same source that infected the computers of Lower House members was also sent to seven Upper House members in late July. It contained “Trojan horse” software similar to the code that allowed the mass hacking of Lower House computers uncovered in October.

According to sources, aides working in the offices of two of the Upper House members who received the suspect e-mail either opened the message or responded to it. E-mail information stored on the computers of those two Upper House members was found to have been leaked to a server computer in the United States.

Officials of the Upper House secretariat said on Nov. 2 that they could not confirm that any computer used by an Upper House member was infected with a virus. However, secretariat officials say they are looking into how the e-mail information was leaked.

There is currently no indication that the Upper House's server computer itself has been infected with a virus or subjected to a direct cyber-attack. The compromising of the Lower House’s server is believed to have allowed hackers to manipulate data on computers throughout the Lower House.

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