BIZ BRIEF: Bomb-sniffing boarding gate prototyped

October 03, 2012


Hitachi Ltd., The Nippon Signal Co. and the University of Yamanashi announced Oct. 3 that they have successfully prototyped a passenger boarding gate with built-in explosives detection equipment.

The prototype employs mass spectrometry technology that can detect the presence or absence of explosive compounds within 1-2 seconds. The device collects and analyzes minute particles that have affixed themselves to IC cards or portable devices used as boarding passes, making it possible to simultaneously check boarding passes and inspect all passengers for explosive compounds without affecting the flow of passengers through the gate.

This method is capable of screening 1,200 passengers per hour.

Because the prototype can be adapted to entrance security equipment for train stations, stadiums, event halls and other public facilities, it has the potential to become a platform for developing future safety and security technology.

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