ANIME NEWS: YouTube Japan launches AnimeBancho channel

December 10, 2012

Translated by The Asahi Shimbun from the website of Anime Anime Japan Ltd.

Video-sharing website YouTube Japan has launched AnimeBancho, a new channel for original anime content. The channel will start streaming works from CoMix Wave Films Inc. on Dec. 19.

The anime studio is known for the film "5 Centimeters Per Second" and many other popular titles.

The channel will offer new episodes of "Peeping Life," a computer-generated short comedy series by Ryoichi Mori.

Hiroyuki Imaishi ("Gurren Lagann"), Riichiro Mashima ("Ski Jumping Pairs") and Masaaki Yuasa ("The Tatami Galaxy") will also provide their original works for the channel.

The anime videos will be updated with English subtitles in the near future for users overseas.

AnimeBancho also plans to stream its own programs, including collaborative projects with users and interviews with the directors.

Meanwhile, YouTube Japan will also set up an official channel for Crypton Future Media Inc., which is known for its Vocaloid song synthesizer software and its persona, Hatsune Miku, early next year.

Details have yet to be revealed, but the website says it will introduce creative activities from around the world inspired by the globally popular virtual idol.

YouTube Japan is also teaming up with 11 other partners to launch their official channels.

They include Tokyo Broadcasting System Television Inc., Fuji Television Network Inc., TV Asahi Corp. and talent agency HoriPro Inc.

YouTube has mainly offered videos posted by general users and existing content from a wide range of sources.

But overseas, original content released on YouTube has won widespread popularity.

With AnimeBancho and the other official channels, the website looks set to make a full-scale effort to offer its original content in Japan.

Visit AnimeBancho at (

Translated by The Asahi Shimbun from the website of Anime Anime Japan Ltd.
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From the official website of AnimeBancho

From the official website of AnimeBancho

  • From the official website of AnimeBancho

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