Kodansha makes manga available online in Taiwan

February 01, 2012

Kodansha Ltd. has made nine of its most popular manga titles available in Taiwan to users of personal computers and Apple's iPhone and iPad beginning Feb. 1, the major publishing house said Jan. 31.

The titles include “Kacho Shima Kosaku” (Section chief Kosaku Shima) by Kenshi Hirokane, a hit manga depicting a businessman in pursuit of professional success, and “Uchu Kyodai” (Space Brothers) by Chuya Koyama, a story portraying the intertwined destinies of two brothers living starkly contrasting lives in the exploration of outer space.

Kodansha struck a deal with Cite Media Holding Group, Taiwan’s largest publisher, to digitally publish the manga.

Kodansha also plans to introduce a service that will enable online users to read its titles in traditional Chinese through Hua Yun Digital Co., a joint venture established by the two publishers.

In April, Kodansha will also start to distribute online in Taiwan the works by popular novelist Keigo Higashino and other writers.

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