TDK to release hard drives with doubled recording capacity

August 29, 2011

TDK Corp. said it has developed new technology that more than doubles the recording capacity of hard disk drives, an advance that will lead to significantly improved performance of televisions and personal computers.

TDK said it intends to mass produce hard disk drives with enlarged recording capacities late next year.

A hard disk drive is a random access digital data storage device with rotating rigid platters. Data is magnetically read from and written to the platter by bringing a magnetic head closer to the platters.

The new technology makes it easier to write data by adding heat to the disk through a laser. The laser source is contained in the magnetic head.

A 2.5-inch HDD featuring the new technology is expected to have a storage capacity of 1 terabyte, more than double the current 500 gigabytes.

Flash memories are used in smartphones and tablet computers as they are lighter and smaller than HDDs.

But the price of a flash memory costs more than 10 times that of an HDD.

As for DVD recorders that require a much larger data storage capacity, HDDs are the standard.

TDK has worked on bolstering the performance of the magnetic head by improving the material used to make it.

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