The opening ceremony of the Cool Japan promotion organization with fashion brand minä perhonen in Tokyo's Roppongi district in November 2013 (Asahi Shimbun file photo)
Chinese shoppers to get a 'Cool Japan' mall in Ningbo
An organization designed to promote Japanese culture overseas will be pumping billions of yen into a "Japan Mall" in a pro-Japan Chinese city as its first venture.
Meiji-Taisho Era novelist Soseki becoming trendy across the world...
OMIYAGE FROM JAPAN: 'Chanpuru' culture melds Okinawan, Mexican...
Asagaya Anime Street in Tokyo's Suginami Ward opened under the elevated tracks of JR Chuo Line. Fans line up in front of some of the shops on March 29 before they open for the first day of business. (Motooki Hayasaka)
Asagaya Anime Street on track to bringing fans closer to anime...
A narrow passageway under the elevated tracks of the JR Chuo Line between Tokyo's Asagaya and Koenji stations has become a new mecca for anime fans.
Kyoto Imperial Palace starts spring exhibition
Ninja master: Essence of 'ninjutsu' still relevant today
AnimeJapan 2014 leaves its mark with 111,000 visitors
"Mobile Suit Gundam" ((c) SOTSU・SUNRISE)
ANIME NEWS: Life-sized 'Zaku' repair bay debuts at Nasu Highland...
To celebrate its 35th anniversary, the Nasu Highland Park amusement facility is offering a “Mobile Suit Gundam” special exhibition at its newly renovated Bandai Character Toy Stadium attraction in Nasu, Tochigi Prefecture.
ANIME NEWS: Tezuka Osamu Books opens in bookstore near Tokyo...
ANIME NEWS: New 'Macross' TV series announced
ANIME NEWS: Shop opens to promote Kyoto International Manga Anime...
In the Yufuincho district of Yufu, Oita Prefecture, indie director Ko Eto promotes his film project to be shot in Canada. (Ayumi Shintaku)
Indie director from Oita working on film in Canada
YUFU, Oita Prefecture--A local indie director hoping to screen his first feature film at this city's annual movie festival is now seeking backers for his project.
'Gundam' creator Tomino working on two new projects at age 72
Oscar nomination leaves 'Possessions' animator wanting more
Cult director Iguchi's 'Nuigurumer Z' goes retro with live-action...
Broad bean salad (Photo by Katsumi Oyama)
JAPANESE HOME COOKING: Broad bean salad goes well with wine
Chef Kuniaki Arima has come up with a salad with green broad beans and fluffy tofu that tastes Italian and is just right for a glass of wine.
JAPANESE HOME COOKING: Microwave turns out tasty sticky rice with...
JAPANESE HOME COOKING: Condensed milk sweetens fried shrimp salad
JAPANESE HOME COOKING: Rice captures ‘umami’ of firefly-squid...

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