The cover illustration of the fourth volume of "Kakukaku Shikajika," left, and the fifth (Provided by Shueisha Inc.)
ANIME NEWS: Girls' manga 'Kakukaku Shikajika' takes top award
Akiko Higashimura's autobiographical manga "Kakukaku Shikajika (Blah-blah-blah) won the 2015 Cartoon Grand Prize.
A scene from "Attack on Titan" ((c) Hajime Isayama/ Kodansha)
ANIME NEWS: Japanese manga sales in North America continue impressive turnaround
After shrinking since 2008, the North American market for Japanese comic books saw a turnaround for the second consecutive year in 2014, according to pop culture news website ICv2.
Ghibli Museum (Asahi Shimbun file photo)
ANIME NEWS: Ghibli Museum to offer tickets through lottery for summer vacation season
To provide a fairer chance for fans, the Ghibli Museum will start a lottery system in May for reserved tickets for July and August dates during the summer vacation season, museum officials said.
(c) 2010 Cheburashka Movie Partners/ Cheburashka Project
ANIME NEWS: New Cheburashka short to hit theaters
"Cheburashka Goes to the Zoo," a new puppet animation short featuring one of Russia's most beloved characters, will tour 500 venues across Japan from this autumn until spring next year.
Hatsune Miku ((c) Crypton Future Media Inc.)
ANIME NEWS: Hatsune Miku to take stage at Nippon Budokan in September
Virtual idol Hatsune Miku will hold her Magical Mirai 2015 concert at Nippon Budokan in Tokyo on Sept. 4-5, coinciding with a science exhibition nearby in an effort to feature everything about the digital diva.
Sion Sono (Asahi Shimbun file photo)
ANIME NEWS: Sion Sono to bring 'All Esper Dayo!' to big screen
Kiminori Wakasugi's popular supernatural manga "All Esper Dayo!" is in the pipeline to be made into a live-action feature film scheduled to hit movie houses this fall.
Masaaki Yuasa (Asahi Shimbun file photo)
ANIME NEWS: Masaaki Yuasa's 'Ping Pong' wins big at Tokyo award festival
Masaaki Yuasa's table tennis-themed "Ping Pong the Animation" walked away with the Grand Prize in the Anime of the Year's TV Series category at the 2015 Tokyo Anime Award Festival on March 22.
"Naruto" author Masashi Kishimoto (Asahi Shimbun file photo)
ANIME NEWS: 'Naruto' return shows ninja don't die easy
"Naruto" will show it still has plenty of fight left in it when the much-beloved ninja manga series makes an eagerly awaited comeback April 27.
(c) 2014 Hinako Sugiura・MS.HS / Sarusuberi Film Partners
ANIME NEWS: Keiichi Hara's 'Miss Hokusai' set for May release
"Miss Hokusai," the new animated feature film by acclaimed director Keiichi Hara, will hit theaters nationwide on May 9.
Yokai Watch The Movie ((c) LMYWP2014)
ANIME NEWS: 'Yokai Watch,' 'Aikatsu' among winners at AMD Awards
“Yokai Watch” took the top Grand Prize while “Aikatsu!” and “Stand By Me Doraemon” were also among the nine winners of the 20th AMD Awards, the Association of Media in Digital announced.
(c) Yu Sasuga・Kenichi Tachibana/ Shueisha・Project TERRAFORMARS
ANIME NEWS: Live-action 'Terra Formars' film scheduled for 2016 release
Warner Bros. Pictures Japan has announced plans for a live-action film adaptation of the popular sci-fi manga series "Terra Formars" under the direction of internationally renowned filmmaker Takashi Miike.
A scene from the "Yokai Watch" animated TV series ((c)LYW)
ANIME NEWS: 'Yokai Watch' merchandise set for global marketing blitz
After sending Japanese fans into a frenzy in 2014, "Yokai Watch" is set to make a full-scale foray into North America and other markets in hopes of spreading its success overseas.
Arielle Holmes, left, the female lead in "Heaven Knows What," receives the Tokyo Grand Prix prize in 2014. The film was directed by Joshua Safdie, center, and his brother Benny. (Noriki Ishitobi)
ANIME NEWS: Tokyo International Film Festival expands to 10 days for 2015
The 2015 Tokyo International Film Festival will run for 10 days instead of the usual nine, according to organizers.
(c) 2014 "Stand By Me Doraemon" Production Committee
ANIME NEWS: Full-CG 'Stand By Me Doraemon' wins Japan Academy Prize
“Stand By Me Doraemon” became the first full-CG animated film to win the coveted Japan Academy Prize for best animation of the year, the Japan Academy Prize Association has announced.
Taiyo Fujii (Asahi Shimbun file photo)
ANIME NEWS: Authors Fujii, Hase win sci-fi award
Authors Taiyo Fujii and Satoshi Hase have been awarded the 35th Nihon SF Taisho Award by the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of Japan (SFWJ) for their works "Orbital Cloud" and "My Humanity," respectively.
(c) Fujita Kazuhiro/ Shogakukan・Weekly Shonen Sunday
ANIME NEWS: Mega-hit manga 'Ushio and Tora' set to return, make TV debut
Kazuhiro Fujita's popular 1990s manga "Ushio and Tora" will hit the small screen this summer.
Life-size panels of popular anime characters welcome fans at the entrance of a booth at AnimeJapan 2014. (Atsushi Ohara)
ANIME NEWS: AnimeJapan names cosplay star Alodia official envoy
AnimeJapan 2015 has appointed renowned cosplayer Alodia Gosiengfiao as its official ambassador.
Naruto ((c) Masashi Kishimoto, Scott/ Shueisha)
ANIME NEWS: 'Naruto' musical set to be a hit across Asia
A musical based on the popular "Naruto" ninja manga and anime series will hit stages across Asia in May.
(c) Shirow Masamune ・ Production I.G./ Kodansha ・ Ghost in The Shell Arise Committee
ANIME NEWS: 'Ghost in the Shell: Arise' series to start in April with two new episodes
With two new episodes, the "Ghost in the Shell: Arise" will hit the airwaves on April 5 as "Ghost in the Shell: Arise: Alternative Architecture."
"Saint Seiya: Legend of Sanctuary" (c) 2014 Masami Kurumada/ Saint Seiya LEGEND of SANCTUARY Production Committee
ANIME NEWS: New 'Saint Seiya' anime series to premiere online in spring
"Saint Seiya: Soul of Gold," the newest addition to the popular "Saint Seiya" animated series, is scheduled for release online this spring.

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