One of the “nishiki-e” woodblock prints on display at an exhibition in Washington (Provided by the Bank of Japan’s Institute for Monetary and Economic Studies)
Central bank trove of woodblock prints shown for 1st time overseas
Forty-six "nishiki-e" woodblock prints displaying scenes from 19th-century Japan stored at the Bank of Japan's Currency Museum are being shown for the first time overseas.
Novels written by Natsume Soseki that have been translated into other languages are seen at the library of the Japan Foundation. (Yusuke Takatsu)
Novels of Meiji Era great Natsume Soseki spread globally in 21st century
One of the greatest writers in the history of modern Japan, Natsume Soseki has emerged as a worldwide presence in the 21st century with about 60 of his works being translated into more than 30 languages.
A tank from the Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium draws visitors to Okinawa Prefecture’s booth at the JATA Tourism Expo Japan at the Tokyo Big Sight in Tokyo’s Koto Ward on Sept. 26. (Shimpei Doi)
Local entities wage charm offensive at tourism expo in Tokyo
One of the world’s largest tourism trade shows now under way in Tokyo is offering municipalities across Japan a perfect opportunity to pitch their charms to foreign travel agencies to drum up tourism.
Sakura no Ohigashi cherry blossom-shaped biscuits, bottom, and Yoshino Honkuzumochi kudzu starch cake (Choi Chae-soo)
OMIYAGE FROM JAPAN: A 400-year-old confectionery sticks to tradition in making kudzu sweets
Editor's note: This series showcases "omiyage" (souvenirs) from around Japan. We introduce "must-buy" items available at prefecture-operated shops in Tokyo that promote local tourism products. The series appears on Saturdays.
A set of makeup brushes from Edoya (Kana Yamada)
CRAFTED IN TOKYO: 12 generations on, Edoya offers brushes for all your needs
Editor's note: This series showcases cool and special souvenirs made in Japan's capital of Tokyo, formerly known as Edo.
A visitor wears the Morpheus virtual reality system, being developed for use with PlayStation 4, in Chiba’s Mihama Ward on Sept. 18. (Sayuri Ide)
Console makers reinvent themselves in bid to lure gamers
CHIBA--Sporting special headgear, the field of view transforms into an ocean scene. A shark approaches out of the blue and smashes into a barrier, causing the screen to pitch violently.
Dishes served to Tokugawa Ieyasu at Azuchi Castle in May 1582 are being reproduced by a local ryokan. (Naoyuki Mori)
Gifu inn reproduces dishes served by 16th century feudal lord Nobunaga
GIFU--Ever wondered what feudal warlords served to their guests in 16th-century Japan? When it comes to the legendary Oda Nobunaga (1534-1582), he certainly had eclectic tastes.
Kazumi Kosugi, an official of the Habomai Fishery Cooperative, displays fresh saury in Nemuro, Hokkaido, on Sept. 6. (Kotaro Ebara)
JOY OF HOKKAIDO FOOD: Saury taste as fresh as the day they were caught
Editor’s note: Hokkaido is attracting attention for its world-class food items. This series introduces readers to delicious foods from the northern Japanese island and the people there who are producing these wonderful products. The series appears every other Saturday.
Kofukuji's Gandha incense (stick and coil), left, and Kinpusenji's Zaoko stick incense (Choi Chae-soo)
OMIYAGE FROM JAPAN: Incense sticks from Nara's temples offer relaxing aroma
Editor's note: This series showcases "omiyage" (souvenirs) from around Japan. We introduce "must-buy" items available at prefecture-operated shops in Tokyo that promote local tourism products. The series appears on Saturdays.
(Illustration by Mitsuaki Kojima)
Midnight moon/ a cow listens to the/ flowing stream
Mamemasa's "Cream Goshiki Mame" (cream-coated, five-color peanuts) (Nanako Ito)
KYOTO GOES KAWAII: Mamemasa offers 50 varieties of colorful dried bean sweets
Editor’s note: This series showcases what we are calling “kawaii” (cute) items made locally in the iconic Japanese city.
A scene from "Midorimushi wa midori desu ka? Mushi desu ka?" (Are euglenas green plants? Are they bugs?) (Provided by Kadokawa Corp.)
Microbial manga by former researcher generates big buzz
An unusual new manga series by a former researcher of microbial behavior at the Tokyo University of Agriculture's Department of Fermentation Science magnifies the lives and adventures of euglena, a genus of algae-like life forms less than 0.1 millimeter long.
A “yankii” in Fukuoka Prefecture customized this motorcycle. (Shinya Murase)
Exhibition celebrates loud, flashy, in-your-face ‘yankii’ art
FUKUYAMA, Hiroshima Prefecture--One of Japan’s subcultures, the young and rebellious punks called “yankii,” was featured in a special exhibition that was held in July at the Tomonotsu Museum here.
Bellri Zenam, the protagonist in "Gundam Reconguista in G" ((c) SOTSU・SUNRISE)
'Gundam' director sows seeds for future generations with new series
A special edition of "Gundam Reconguista in G" began a limited online streaming on Sept. 8 ahead of the new series' small screen premiere.
Ken Akamatsu (Asahi Shimbun file photo)
Manga artist creates free online library of out-of-print titles
Manga fans looking for elusive hard-to-find titles are in luck.
The Gakko Bosatsu figurine (Choi Chae-soo)
OMIYAGE FROM JAPAN: Nara Prefecture, the far eastern end of the Silk Road, is rich with Buddhist culture
Editor's note: This series showcases various kinds of "omiyage" (souvenirs) from around Japan. We introduce you to "must-buy" items that you can get at prefecture-operated shops for promoting local tourism products in Tokyo. The series appears on Saturdays.
Yuichi Tomohiro, who founded the TOHOK online gift shop featuring traditional small brooms and other items from the region impacted by the March 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake and tsunami, right, and a staffer of the outlet (Nami Hamada)
Young people launch website featuring gift items from 3/11 disaster-hit region
After the Great East Japan Earthquake ravaged the Tohoku region, Yuichi Tomohiro immediately headed to Ishinomaki, Miyagi Prefecture, as a volunteer worker.
Candles light up the stone steps of Zojoji temple in Tokyo's Minato Ward to mark the successful campaign in 2013 to bring the 2020 Summer Olympics to the nation's capital. (Asahi Shimbun file photo)
Temples, castles being offered as unique rental venues for conferences
On the eve of JATA Tabihaku, Asia's largest travel industry expo, organizers hosted a massive dinner party at the unlikely venue of Zojoji temple, which dates back more than six centuries, in Tokyo's Minato Ward.
Simple dressing: a 1960s inspired dress by Louis Vuitton (Hirokazu Ohara)
Basics and then some for fall/winter fashion
There is nothing outrageous about the next crop of trends for fall/winter 2014. The maxim for the season is “everyday casual outfits with a sense of style.” It is all about looking classy without trying too hard. Simply spruce up your basic knits, leather jackets and clean cut A-line dresses by adding an overlay of sportiness or a dash of artsy inspiration. Look out for wearable quality clothes that are timeless and chic.
A sushi roll using konnyaku is served at the Tokyo Tapas Cafe in New York. (Provided by Noboru Kobayashi)
NOT A FISH CAKE: Gunma Prefecture promotes healthy ‘konnyaku’ dishes in New York
MAEBASHI--Gunma Prefecture is hoping Americans develop a craving for the jelly-like "konnyaku" (devil's tongue), a prefectural specialty, and has set up a shop at a Japanese restaurant in New York to promote it and test diners' reactions.

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