Officials, including Japan Othello Association head Goro Hasegawa, second from right, attend a news conference in Mito on Sept. 3. (Akihiro Inose)
World Othello Championship headed for a return to Ibaraki birthplace in 2016
MITO--In a strategic move sure to please fans, the hugely popular board game Othello will return to its birthplace next year when the World Othello Championship is held in Mito.
(Illustration by Mitsuaki Kojima)
Pinewood chips floating on the wind tea kettle
Visitors stare at background art illustrations and cels used for the production of "Whisper of the Heart" at the Kagawa Museum in Takamatsu. (Takako Ishida)
Exhibition featuring Ghibli animator Kondo now running in Takamatsu
TAKAMATSU--An art exhibition dedicated to animator Yoshifumi Kondo, director of the 1995 feature film “Whisper of the Heart,” is currently being held at the Kagawa Museum in the city’s Tamamocho district.
Visitors take pictures in front of life-size statues of Oscar and Andre from "The Rose of Versailles" at the Niigata Manga Animation Museum. (Atsushi Nagata)
Manga for girls gets retrospective exhibition in Niigata
NIIGATA--An art exhibition dedicated to the biweekly Margaret and its monthly sister publication, Bessatsu Margaret, both manga anthologies aimed at girls, is currently being held at the Niigata Manga Animation Museum in the city's Chuo Ward.
Yasuhiro Tanaka, right, head priest of the Kamigamojinja shrine, and director Amon Miyamoto at the Meiji Kinenkan building in Tokyo's Minato Ward on July 30 (The Asahi Shimbun)
Amon Miyamoto dramatizes birth of thunder god for Kyoto's oldest shrine
Internationally acclaimed director Amon Miyamoto will add his technological razzle-dazzle to the ritual relocation of what is believed to be Kyoto’s oldest shrine this fall.
Producer Yasushi Akimoto, center, and the 22 founding members of NGT48, pose at the Aore Niigata hall on July 25. (Atsushi Nagata)
Through smiles, tears, 22 young girls beat massive competition to join NGT48
NAGAOKA, Niigata Prefecture--While chasing her dream of becoming an "idol," a junior high school girl named Moeka sounded less than confident among hopefuls vying to be chosen for the new Niigata Prefecture-based NGT48.
Locals dine at a Japanese restaurant in Singapore in 2013. (Asahi Shimbun file photo)
It's become a piece of cake (sorry, sushi) to sell Japanese food abroad
For starters it was the raw fish that was reeling in the customers, but now foreigners are drowning in their desire to slurp down pork-bone soup.
A scene from "Pecoross no Haha no Tamatebako." The boy sees a vision of his younger sister and calls out to her. (Provided by Asahi Shimbun Publications Inc.)
Boy who lost his entire family to atomic bomb in Nagasaki featured in manga series
A boy who lost his entire family in the atomic bombing of Nagasaki has been featured in the "Pecoross no Haha no Tamatebako" (Treasure chest of Pecoross' mother) manga series since mid-July.
Karuizawa beer, right, and Shiga Kogen pale ale (Choi Chae-soo)
OMIYAGE FROM JAPAN: Nagano craft brews thirst-quenching hit for beer lovers
Editor’s note: This series showcases “omiyage” (souvenirs) from around Japan. We introduce “must-buy” items available at prefecture-operated shops in Tokyo that promote local tourism products. The series appears on Saturdays.
A scene from "Kurokawa Wonderland" projected on a large screen at a screening event held at a town hall in Minami-Oguni's Akababa district (Masaharu Nonaka)
Promo video for Kurokawa 'onsen' in Kumamoto wows global audience
MINAMI-OGUNI, Kumamoto Prefecture--A short film promoting the Kurokawa "onsen" hot spring resort, which was produced in collaboration with creators from the Tokyo metropolitan area and local residents, is scooping up international acclaim and awards.
"Monster Strike" app (Provided by mixi Inc.)
Mixi posts record sales on back of 'Monster Strike' app
Social networking service provider mixi Inc. posted record sales of 50 billion yen ($403 million) in the April to June quarter, according to figures released Aug. 13 by the Tokyo-based company.
Yuji Horii unveils "Dragon Quest XI" at a Tokyo news conference on July 28. (Shinya Takagi)
'Dragon Quest XI' goes offline for 3DS, PS4 by May 2017
"Dragon Quest XI" is set for release no later than May 2017, Square Enix Co. announced.
A 1/200 scale plastic model kit of Matsumoto Castle. The box, above, contains unassembled parts separately contained in plastic bags. (Choi Chae-soo)
OMIYAGE FROM JAPAN: National treasure Matsumoto Castle faithfully reproduced in plastic model kit
Editor’s note: This series showcases “omiyage” (souvenirs) from around Japan. We introduce “must-buy” items available at prefecture-operated shops in Tokyo that promote local tourism products. The series appears on Saturdays.
(Illustration by Mitsuaki Kojima)
Weaving fragments of father’s words the end of war
"The Attack on Titan Nebuta” wields its fist at the entrance hall of cultural center Patria Hita in Hita, Oita Prefecture. (Kenzo Matsumoto)
Monstrous humanoid floats down to Oita, adds manga muscle to tourist drive
HITA, Oita Prefecture--A gigantic humanoid that usually struts its stuff in the popular manga “Attack on Titan” has turned up in the guise of a Japanese traditional “nebuta” festival float here.
Maruko-chan, center, and other characters promoting a train exterior design in the Otemachi neighborhood of Aoi Ward, Shizuoka (Takuro Noguchi)
'Chibi Maruko-chan' train attracts anime fans in Shizuoka
SHIZUOKA--To celebrate 25 years of the popular "Chibi Maruko-chan" anime on TV, a special train decked out in characters from the show is currently running in Shizuoka Prefecture.
Lacquered wine glasses are available in different colors. (Choi Chae-soo)
OMIYAGE FROM JAPAN: Sip in style from lacquered wine glasses
Editor’s note: This series showcases “omiyage” (souvenirs) from around Japan. We introduce “must-buy” items available at prefecture-operated shops in Tokyo that promote local tourism products. The series appears on Saturdays.
Maruei Food's "Life of a silkworm" chocolate shows the three distinctive stages of Bombyx mori from a silkworm, larva to adult moth. (Taro Fujita)
Silkworm chocolate set popular, unappetizing memento of World Heritage site
FUJIOKA, Gunma Prefecture--A set of three premium chocolates that depicts a silkworm in its three stages to adulthood is so lifelike, that a buyer might be reluctant to take a bite.
A scene from "Live Spectacle: Naruto" ((c) KM, S/S/LSN 2015)
‘2.5-D’ musicals, based on manga and anime, popular with young women
As many as 70 "2.5-dimensional musicals" were produced in 2013, bringing Japanese pop culture to melodic life, and attracting more than 1.6 million theatergoers.
(c) Fujiko Pro.・Shogakukan・TV Asahi・Shin-ei・ADK
'Doraemon' heads to 'prime time' morning slot for kids on British TV
A Japanese robot cat from the 22nd century is flying over to Britain.

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