A special plastic folder featuring Detective Conan on a camel ride in the sand dunes (Choi Chae-soo)
OMIYAGE FROM JAPAN: Detective Conan plastic folder could solve gift puzzle
Editor’s note: This series showcases “omiyage” (souvenirs) from around Japan. We introduce “must-buy” items available at prefecture-operated shops in Tokyo that promote local tourism products. The series appears on Saturdays.
A scene from "Miss Hokusai." Oei, far left, and Hokusai, center, single-mindedly create ukiyo-e woodblock images in a "nagaya" row house scattered with spoiled illustrations. ((c) 2014 Hinako Sugiura・MS.HS / Sarusuberi Film Partners)
'Miss Hokusai' shines with its superb attention to detail
Animation director Keiichi Hara paid scrupulous attention to the seasonal backdrop and townscape of pre-modern Tokyo with his latest feature film "Miss Hokusai," now playing in theaters nationwide.
Frozen tuna are auctioned off at Tsukiji fish market. (Lisa Vogt)
Lisa’s Eye on Tokyo: Tsukiji fish market--A now-or-never visit
When you hear Tsukiji what comes to mind? If you’re like most people, the answer is “The fish market, of course!”
A woman gives Sony's Project Morpheus a test run in Tokyo’s Minato Ward on May 15. (Takashi Kamiguri)
Sony virtual reality headset dazzles with changing wide-range views
Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. unveiled a prototype on May 15 of a virtual reality device with a full range of changing panoramic views that makes imaginary worlds come alive.
MANGA GRAND PRIX: A scene from Yoriko Hoshi's "Aisawa Riku" (Provided by Bungeishunju Ltd.)
TEZUKA OSAMU CULTURAL PRIZE: Hoshi humbled to win manga grand prize for 'Aisawa Riku'
Yoriko Hoshi's "Aisawa Riku," about an adolescent girl's gradual awakening to what life is about, took the Manga Grand Prix at the 19th Tezuka Osamu Cultural Prize on March 31.
A figurine of Medama Oyaji made of sand (Choi Chae-soo)
OMIYAGE FROM JAPAN: From land of dunes, Tottori anime figurine is made of sand
Editor’s note: This series showcases “omiyage” (souvenirs) from around Japan. We introduce “must-buy” items available at prefecture-operated shops in Tokyo that promote local tourism products. The series appears on Saturdays.
(Illustration by Mitsuaki Kojima)
Fly-fishing the pole bends toward red sunset
Several Japanese masks worn in traditional Noh performances form part of the current exhibition at the Metropolitan Teien Art Museum in Tokyo's Minato Ward. (Louis Templado)
Elegant Art Deco-era museum in Tokyo offers indigenous masks in natural light
Visitors see Japan's traditional Noh masks in a different light in the new “Masks--Beauty of the Spirits” exhibition at the Metropolitan Teien Art Museum in Tokyo’s Minato Ward.
Slices of "yokan" jellied dessert made with dried fruits from Wagashi Asobi (Kana Yamada)
CRAFTED IN TOKYO: Traditional candy that plays games with your taste buds
Editor's note: This series showcases cool and special souvenirs made in Japan's capital of Tokyo, formerly known as Edo.
The top page of the Tokyo Location Guide (Provided by the Tokyo metropolitan government)
Tokyo smartphone app to attract pop culture buffs, tourists
Cinema and anime fans now have a free smartphone app available to them with information and directions to visit sites in Tokyo that have been used as locations for popular films and anime.
A shopper looks for second-hand vinyl records, flipping through the album sleeves in the foreign music section one by one at the HMV Record Shop in Tokyo's Shibuya Ward. (Keiichiro Inoue)
Young music lovers make the extra effort for the sweet sound of vinyl records
Vinyl records are making sweet music again, luring fans from a wide range of generations into used record shops and cafes that play analog discs.
Floats are paraded through a street in Tokyo’s Nihonbashi district to celebrate the 400th anniversary of the transfer of the nearby Kanda Myojin shrine on May 9. (Takeshi Tokitsu)
PHOTO: Floats, portable shrines pass through central Tokyo to mark shrine transfer
A celebration marking the 400th anniversary of the transfer of a shrine that was moved to expand Edo Castle drew unexpected visitors this year in central Tokyo, throngs of fans of the anime series "Love Live!"
A scene from "That Kind of Love Story." English subtitles were added for a screening in the United States. (Provided by Tsuyoshi Takamura)
Love story about magician losing his memory to showcase at Cannes
Freelance filmmaker Tsuyoshi Takamura faced a daunting challenge last October: make an interesting short film and do it all in just 48 hours.
A chain called the Japanese Tea Cafe that is set to open in the United States will sell castella sponge cakes, a specialty of Nagasaki Prefecture, along with other delicacies and products from the southern prefecture. (Seisaku Yamamoto)
Japanese cafe chain specializing in healthy green tea to open in U.S.
NAGASAKI--A cafe chain specializing in Japanese tea is set to open in the United States where green tea is gaining in popularity due to its health benefits.
Johji Yamauchi displays some of his works on March 16. (Photo by Sayaka Yamaguchi)
Manga artist’s drawings showcase rich diversity of Japanese language
A manga artist famous for drawing pictures of animals in the shapes of kanji recently concluded an exhibition in Paris in a mission to convey the beauty and diversity of the written language used in Japan.
Cutting boards made of Shimanto "hinoki" Japanese cypress wood from Kochi Prefecture have a distinct forest scent. (Choi Chae-soo)
OMIYAGE FROM JAPAN: Premium Shimanto cypress wood ideal for cutting boards
Editor’s note: This series showcases “omiyage” (souvenirs) from around Japan. We introduce “must-buy” items available at prefecture-operated shops in Tokyo that promote local tourism products. The series appears on Saturdays.
The Tokyo Monorail from Haneda Airport approaches Hamamatsucho Station in Tokyo's Minato Ward. This photo was taken in September 1964. (Asahi Shimbun file photo)
TOKYO NOW AND THEN: Nearly an Olympic white elephant, monorail ready to welcome new Games
Mahito Kikuchi's parents took their boy to Tokyo's Haneda Airport to satisfy his fascination with airplanes. But it was the glistening new means of transport to get there that left the most lasting impression.
Japanese accessories shop Gunjo offers colorful "pochi bukuro" envelopes made of pure silk. (Mihoko Takizawa)
KYOTO GOES KAWAII: Gunjo retains individuality with dedicated handiwork
Editor’s note: This series showcases what we are calling “kawaii” (cute) items made locally in the iconic Japanese city.
Benjamin Weber eats at his favorite ramen restaurant in Osaka on March 5. (Tatsuya Sato)
‘Ramen programmer’ from New York conquering noodle shops in Osaka
OSAKA--A passion for computer games brought Benjamin Weber to Japan. But the taste of Kansai ramen is what fuels the New Yorker these days.
Artist Satoshi Murakami sits the entrance to his portable house set up inside Gallery Barco in the Kameari district of Tokyo's Katsushika Ward. (Louis Templado)
Human snail crosses Japan with house on back
Satoshi Murakami tested the hospitality of lots of strangers on his recent pilgrimage across Japan. When he shows up on someone’s doorstep at dusk, instead of asking for a room, he asks for space on their land where he can put down his own house, which he carries on his back.

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