Michiko Yoshii

Michiko Yoshii is a professor at the Department of International Communication of Okinawa University. She was a professor at the Center for International Education and Research of Mie University. She did her postgraduate work at Paris VII University and the University of Tokyo and earned her Ph.D. Her areas of expertise are Vietnamese anti-war songs, the plight of street children and civil society.

I felt a great sense of responsibility as a Japanese, the country exporting the nuclear technology. During the big countdown on New Year's Eve, I felt ill at ease and ended up going to bed without watching the fireworks downtown. This year, I decided I must do something to stop Japan from exporting nuclear reactors to Vietnam.

Ra Mason
Thinking the unthinkable: Can Okinawa gain independence before Scotland?
Since the recent high profile referendum on Scotland’s proposed independence from the United Kingdom, Japan’s southernmost prefecture, Okinawa, has been infused with the renewed idea that devolution is a not an impossible dream. This has been underlined by the latest round of gubernatorial and Lower House election victories for candidates opposing central government policy on the relocation of U.S. bases within the prefecture.
U.S.-China climate pact adds color to 'rebalance' policy
Haruki Wada
Abe's war-anniversary statement raises questions about Japan's future course
Prime Minister Shinzo Abe most certainly has strong feelings about the statement he will release in August, the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II.
Illuminations bathe Ho Chi Minh in light, but nuclear project looms on horizon

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