Michiko Yoshii

Michiko Yoshii is a professor at the Department of International Communication of Okinawa University. She was a professor at the Center for International Education and Research of Mie University. She did her postgraduate work at Paris VII University and the University of Tokyo and earned her Ph.D. Her areas of expertise are Vietnamese anti-war songs, the plight of street children and civil society.

That night at a meeting in the hotel, a student, whom I'll call "M," murmured, "So they have ethnic minorities in Vietnam. It's terrible they'd put a nuclear power plant in such a place. I think it's good we don't have ethnic minorities in Japan."

Tetsuo Shibata
Abe administration suffered 'diplomatic defeat' by China with agreement statement
Ahead of the Nov. 10 meeting between Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and Chinese President Xi Jinping, Japan and China announced on Nov. 7 a statement of consensus.
China looms over Abe-Obama-Abbott trilateral at G-20 summit
Michiko Yoshii
Similarities come into focus in talk of nuclear plants, U.S. bases with ethnic minority in Vietnam
The first construction project for a nuclear power plant in Vietnam is proceeding in Ninh Thuan province, on the country's south-central coast.
Rational, good-natured protests in Hong Kong a model for China

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