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Obama’s rebalance can attain new life with TPP deal

August 24, 2015

J. Berkshire Miller

J. Berkshire Miller

J. Berkshire Miller is a fellow with the Pacific Forum CSIS and chair of the Japan-Korea working group at the Pacific Forum. He is a regular contributor to several academic journals, magazines and newspapers on Asia-Pacific security issues and is a regular contributor at the Economist, Forbes and Newsweek Japan. He can be reached at or follow him on twitter: @jbmllr

There is a renewed push now for an agreement between Japan and the United States. Moreover, a swift deal on the TPP will also help Washington and Tokyo recoup from their diplomatic failure in light of China’s surprising success in recruiting many Western countries--including key U.S. allies in Asia such as South Korea and Australia--to join its Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) as founding members this past June. Japan and the United States, the two key holdouts from the AIIB, now have added urgency to blunt China’s momentum with an agreement on the TPP.

J. Berkshire Miller
Obama’s rebalance can attain new life with TPP deal
The long running Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) negotiations are reaching a critical stage as pressure ramps up for a completed deal by the end of this year.
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