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Toshiya Tsugami

Toshiya Tsugami heads a consulting company concentrating on the Chinese economy. He previously served as a counselor at the Japanese Embassy in China and as director of the Northeast Asia Division of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry’s Trade Policy Bureau.

People in China now are hurling an endless amount of abuse, particularly at Hu and former Premier Wen Jiabao, the ones who "caused these problems," but the results would have been much the same no matter who the leaders were. That is because what lies at the root of the serious regression of this decade is that change has come slowly for China's economy and society over a decade-long period.

Rebecca Grant
Latest E-2D Hawkeyes perfect fit for Japan's complex surveillance needs
The East China Sea has become the number one global hotspot for sparring air forces. Almost daily, Japan is sending military aircraft to monitor Chinese air force planes flying near Japan over the East China Sea.
Create cross-border cooperative arrangement for disasters, environment
Toshiya Tsugami
Xi Jinping battles for a 'Chinese Communist Party 2.0'
Four major changes have occurred in China since President Xi Jinping took power: the concentration of power in the hands of Xi, an iron-handed war against corruption, the bold "Third Plenary Session reforms" and much tighter controls on speech and thought.
With ferry disaster, South Korean society shows its true colors

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