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Park Sooni

Park Sooni is a nonfiction writer. Born a third-generation Korean resident in Japan, she later acquired Japanese citizenship. Since graduating from Waseda University, Park has worked at a television program production company and is now engaged in editing and writing for magazines and other publications. She is also the co-author of "Kankoku no Honne" (What South Korea really thinks), published by Takeshobo Co.

Lee, who is 43, was born and raised in Japan. She had been contributing stories to websites and other publications on such topics as relations between Japan and South Korea when a few years ago she also began covering the problem of discrimination against Korean residents in Japan. Since then, Lee has reportedly suffered defamation and insults online, in public and elsewhere from Zaitokukai members and individuals associated with the organization.

Ma Licheng
Chinese journalist Ma Licheng calls on Japan, China to 'tone down nationalism'
Ma Licheng, a Beijing-based journalist who criticized both Japanese and Chinese nationalism in an essay published in 2002, visited Japan in mid-July and was interviewed by The Asahi Shimbun.
Japan needs to scrap old thinking on environmental cooperation with China
Junko Oikawa
Xi's clampdown on free speech has potential for backlash
The Xi administration in China has been tightening controls on free speech.
Japan’s Russia policy is in shambles over Ukraine, Kurils

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