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Ari Nakano

Ari Nakano is a professor at Daito Bunka University. She did her postgraduate work at Keio University and earned her Ph.D. Her areas of expertise are Vietnamese politics, diplomacy and human rights.

The noise is incessant and a foul stench wafts through the air around the alumina production plant in Tan Rai that commenced operations in 2013. I heard stories from residents who said parents do not let their children play outside due to the bad air and that many fish have died in ponds with polluted water. I had already heard on my first visit two years ago that people have pleaded in vain with government agencies and companies to act. Even now, nothing seems to have fundamentally changed. The dust on the road for transporting alumina, kicked up by the growing number of large trucks and the expansion work, was awful, and nearly everywhere I looked was pure white.

It is about time leaders of Japan and China showed real statesmanship over Senkakus issue
To the outside world, the standoff over the Senkaku cluster of islands, Diaoyu in Chinese, is so bizarre as to draw comparisons with Gulliver's Travels. How can giants China and Japan, not to mention dynamo Taiwan, be at daggers drawn over such miniscule flecks of rock?
Chinese journalist Ma Licheng calls on Japan, China to 'tone down nationalism'
Ari Nakano
Concerns fester in Vietnam over China policy, industrial pollution
Many times I have heard intellectuals critical of Vietnam's system of Communist Party rule say, "This country's political system will change in a few years."
INTERVIEW/CNN President Jeff Zucker: CNN retains trust in world where everyone is a 'journalist'

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