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Satoshi Kamata

Born in 1938 in Aomori Prefecture, Satoshi Kamata is a writer who is known for going to the scene of issues that interest him in order to describe what is happening from an up-close perspective. His books have covered labor and social issues, such as pollution. He has been critical of the dangers of nuclear power generation since the early 1970s.

Such remarks by Diet members and local assembly members that take for granted that women should have babies are not just the high-handedness of ruling party legislators: They represent the “typical thoughts” of Japanese men.

J. Berkshire Miller
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Satoshi Kamata
Sexist remarks represent the ‘typical thoughts’ of Japanese men
Criticism has finally emerged over sexist speech in Japan’s legislatures. Until now, nothing had been done about these despicable, seemingly unbearable remarks, despite the concerns women raised about them.
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