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Junko Oikawa has a Ph.D. from Nihon University Graduate School in General Social and Cultural Studies. She has served as an expert researcher at the Japanese Embassy in Beijing and is now a visiting academic researcher at Hosei University, a visiting researcher at the Institute for Northeast Asian Studies at J. F. Oberlin University and an adjunct instructor at Nihon University. Her areas of expertise are modern Chinese intellectuals, speech "space" in Internet forums, newspapers and magazines, and political culture studies.

The Constitution of the People's Republic of China that is now in force was promulgated and enacted on Dec. 4, 1982. It has been amended four times since, but is still called the 1982 State Constitution. In 2001, Dec. 4 had been designated "national legal system publicity day," but from last year, at the behest of the Xi administration, it was ordained as National Constitution Day.

Ra Mason
Thinking the unthinkable: Can Okinawa gain independence before Scotland?
Since the recent high profile referendum on Scotland’s proposed independence from the United Kingdom, Japan’s southernmost prefecture, Okinawa, has been infused with the renewed idea that devolution is a not an impossible dream. This has been underlined by the latest round of gubernatorial and Lower House election victories for candidates opposing central government policy on the relocation of U.S. bases within the prefecture.
U.S.-China climate pact adds color to 'rebalance' policy
Peter McGill
Japan faces multitude of challenges at 70th anniversary of the end of World War II
Watching German Chancellor Angela Merkel visit London and march with world leaders in Paris served as a reminder of the differences between Germany and Japan as the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II approaches. Merkel visited an exhibition at the British Museum called “Germany: Memories of a Nation.” The Financial Times called the exhibition, which traces 600 years of German history, “a subtle tribute to the way her country has faced up to the most shameful episodes of its past.”
In which direction is Kim Jong Un taking North Korea?

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