Susumu Kohari

Susumu Kohari is a professor at the Faculty of International Relations, University of Shizuoka. He was educated at the Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, at the Graduate School of Public Policy, Sogang University in Seoul, and also in the Doctoral Program Course at the Graduate School of Public Administration, Seoul National University. In 1995-97 he was a special assistant at the Embassy of Japan in South Korea. His research focuses on Korean society and Japan-Korea relations.

Suppression of speech will inevitably hurt South Korea’s international image. This administration is uninterested in state branding, the process of managing the state’s image with the goal of improving its reputation internationally. This is likely why it came up with the portrayal of the “president as victim, reporter as wrongdoer.”

Susumu Kohari
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Ari Nakano
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Many times I have heard intellectuals critical of Vietnam's system of Communist Party rule say, "This country's political system will change in a few years."
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