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Satoshi Kamata

Born in 1938 in Aomori Prefecture, Satoshi Kamata is a writer who is known for going to the scene of issues that interest him in order to describe what is happening from an up-close perspective. His books have covered labor and social issues, such as pollution. He has been critical of the dangers of nuclear power generation since the early 1970s.

Lin Yi-hsiung, now a 73-year-old lawyer, was imprisoned for his involvement in the democracy movement. Three of his family members were killed in acts of terrorism. In April 2014, Lin staged a desperate week-long hunger strike to demand termination of construction work on the No. 4 nuclear power plant.

Ra Mason
Thinking the unthinkable: Can Okinawa gain independence before Scotland?
Since the recent high profile referendum on Scotland’s proposed independence from the United Kingdom, Japan’s southernmost prefecture, Okinawa, has been infused with the renewed idea that devolution is a not an impossible dream. This has been underlined by the latest round of gubernatorial and Lower House election victories for candidates opposing central government policy on the relocation of U.S. bases within the prefecture.
U.S.-China climate pact adds color to 'rebalance' policy
On silence of the electorate, voting and democracy in Japan
Author Satoshi Kamata recently wrote an article titled "Abe reveals true intentions after voting ends" for The Asahi Shimbun AJW.
Satire not a strong point with Japanese

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