Kook Joong-ho

Kook Joong-ho, a professor at Yokohama City University's International College of Arts and Sciences, specializes in public finance and economics. Born in South Korea in 1962, he earned his doctorates in economics from both the Korea University in Seoul and Hitotsubashi University in Tokyo.

The Japanese and South Korean leaders both have an unusually strong sense of nationalism that makes them incompatible with each other. Park has such a love for her country that when asked why she isn't married, she replied, "I married the Republic of Korea." Abe himself returned to the prime ministership with the slogan, "A fight to take back the country of Japan from our post-World War II history and put it in the hands of the Japanese people"--in other words, "take back Japan."

Kook Joong-ho
Japan, South Korea leaders deepening strain by putting state before people
In his book "Atarashii Kuni e" (Toward a new country), Prime Minister Shinzo Abe states, "We learned civility from Confucianism, the spirit of self-discipline from Zen Buddhism, and feelings of respect for ancestors and awe of nature from Shinto. The forgiving heart is another trait of the Japanese people."
South Korea’s Park portrayed as ‘victim’ in freedom of speech issue
Michiko Yoshii
Similarities come into focus in talk of nuclear plants, U.S. bases with ethnic minority in Vietnam
The first construction project for a nuclear power plant in Vietnam is proceeding in Ninh Thuan province, on the country's south-central coast.
Rational, good-natured protests in Hong Kong a model for China

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