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Michiko Yoshii
Similarities come into focus in talk of nuclear plants, U.S. bases with ethnic minority in Vietnam
The first construction project for a nuclear power plant in Vietnam is proceeding in Ninh Thuan province, on the country's south-central coast.
Tomoko Ako
Rational, good-natured protests in Hong Kong a model for China
One month has passed since the start of the demonstrations and occupation movement in Hong Kong against Beijing's plan to reform the system for electing the chief executive of Hong Kong in three years' time.
Park Sooni
Today's youths organize opposition to new state secrets protection law
"Oppose the state secrets protection law! Get up! Stand up! Stand up for your rights! Get up! Stand up! Don’t give up the fight!"
Yoshifu Arita
U.N. committee takes harsh view of Japan's racial discrimination
I sat in on the proceedings of the U.N. Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination on Aug. 19 and 20, which conducted a review of Japan, in Geneva, Switzerland.
[PR] Campus Asia International Forum: An Aim at Nurturing the Next Generation for the Future of Asia (2)
Section II: Presentations by students of the three universities
[PR] Campus Asia International Forum: An Aim at Nurturing the Next Generation for the Future of Asia (1)
Toshiya Tsugami
Is the Chinese-led Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank a challenge to the Bretton Woods system?
It seems likely the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB), a new international financial institution, will be established next year with Chinese backing.
INTERVIEW/ Naoki Kato: Hate speech sparks memories of post-quake massacres in 1923
A small Tokyo publisher has released a book that is selling quietly in Japan right now. “Kugatsu: Tokyo no Rojo de” (September: On the road in Tokyo) was written by Naoki Kato, a 47-year-old freelancer.
Ari Nakano
Concerns fester in Vietnam over China policy, industrial pollution
Many times I have heard intellectuals critical of Vietnam's system of Communist Party rule say, "This country's political system will change in a few years."
Jeff Zucker
INTERVIEW/CNN President Jeff Zucker: CNN retains trust in world where everyone is a 'journalist'
In today's global world with the Internet and blogs, everyone fancies himself a journalist, but that's where the "brand and trust" are so important, according to Jeff Zucker, president of CNN Worldwide.
Husel Borjigin
China, Russia jockeying for influence in Mongolia
A flurry of great power diplomacy is unfolding in Mongolia, which occupies a key geopolitical position because of its natural resources.
Satoshi Kamata
‘Black companies’ leaving trail of low pay and death
My French friend André L’Hénoret, who is a Catholic priest, worked at a small factory in Kawasaki, a city on the outskirts of Tokyo, to live alongside the laborers. One day, a co-worker said something with a worried look on his face: “André, if you don’t work overtime, you’ll never become Japanese.”
Junko Oikawa
Xi's clampdown on free speech has potential for backlash
The Xi administration in China has been tightening controls on free speech.
J. Berkshire Miller
Japan’s Russia policy is in shambles over Ukraine, Kurils
When Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe returned to power in late 2012, he was determined to change the stagnant state of relations with Russia. Through a series of summits--in Russia and on the sidelines of international conferences--with Russian leader Vladimir Putin, Abe’s push appeared to be gaining traction.
Park Sooni
Ethnic Korean under threat from xenophobes sues over hate speech
An ethnic Korean freelance writer who lives in Osaka Prefecture has filed a lawsuit against a right-wing group, its leader and another group, claiming they have disparaged her with hate speech.
Takashi Suzuki
Uighur question and why Beijing's policies in Xinjiang are not working
I'm sure most commentators would agree that in China today, the Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region is the "weakest sphere" of Communist Party control.
Michiko Yoshii
A conversation with Black Sea fishermen about a nuclear power plant in their backyard
I had the opportunity to visit Istanbul and decided to check out the city of Sinop on the Black Sea coast.
Satoshi Kamata
Abe making a mockery of energy policy at the expense of human lives
Four recent prime ministers have banded together to call for "no nuclear power" and express their opposition to restarts of nuclear reactors. But the current incumbent, Shinzo Abe, has turned a deaf ear to their plea.
Atsuhito Isozaki
Pyongyang will demand commensurate action by Tokyo over abduction investigation
When North Korean General Secretary Kim Jong Il died in December 2011, a debate emerged over a possible transition to a collective leadership system due to the “insufficient experience” of his third son, Kim Jong Un.
Yoshiyuki Ogasawara
Recent efforts, mutual desires between Taipei and Beijing bear close watching: Top-level meeting?
With only a year and a half remaining on his term in office, Taiwanese President Ma Ying-jeou is facing another difficult and troublesome summer.

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