Security and Territorial Issues

Toshiya Tsugami
A 'shadow central bank': Renminbi devaluation poses a global risk
The People’s Bank of China (PBOC, the central bank of China) announced on Aug. 11 that it had reformed the renminbi exchange rate mechanism. Over the next three days, the central bank would devalue the renminbi.
Ra Mason
Okinawa's hypocrisy on relocation of U.S. base masks environmental damage across prefecture
All major opinion polls suggest that a majority of Okinawa’s population would like the number and size of American military bases on their islands to be substantially reduced, or moved elsewhere.
Ikuko Toda
Japan must squarely face its aggression in Korea
There are two discomforting days on the calendar for Japanese living in South Korea: Aug. 15, when Japan was defeated in World War II and the colony of Korea was liberated, and March 1, when a massive anti-Japanese independence movement arose in 1919.
Richard Falk
Article 9 approach remains a most precious reality
At its peril, most of the world is ignoring the intense Japanese debate that surrounds the passage by the Diet of national security legislation that fulfills Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s vision of Japan’s proper role in the world of the 21st century. The core of the debate is about whether the famous Article 9 of the Constitution can be interpreted to permit Japan to engage in collective defense arrangements around the world. Despite various prior tests of the outer limits of Article 9, and its seeming restriction of international force to territorial self-defense, the new legislation stakes out a far broader claim to engage militarily in a variety of situations around the world.
Lee Hong-chun
Improving Japan-South Korea ties: Media should report diverse points of view
Aug. 15 marked the 70th anniversary of South Korea’s liberation from Japanese colonial rule (1910-45). It was also the 50th year since the normalization of its diplomatic relations with Japan in 1965. Given this length of time, the bilateral relationship should be reaching a period of maturity. Yet currently the situation remains seriously strained.
J. Berkshire Miller
Obama’s rebalance can attain new life with TPP deal
The long running Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) negotiations are reaching a critical stage as pressure ramps up for a completed deal by the end of this year.
Rahul Raj
The reality of geopolitics: Enemies do become friends
In his renowned work "How Enemies Become Friends," Charles A. Kupchan, a professor of international affairs at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C., explored how nations are giving up their old geopolitical rivalries and moving towards peace and friendship.
Satoshi Kamata
Okinawa's 'wealth with pride' to end economic dependence on military bases
At a study group convened in late June by young Liberal Democratic Party lawmakers close to Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, a lecturer made such statements as “the two Okinawan newspapers must be closed down.” Other participants voiced similar opinions, and there was an excited discussion about cracking down on the media. The ruling party’s wishes have been blatantly exposed, and the party has been subjected to harsh criticism in the Diet as well.
Toshiya Tsugami
SDF should not patrol the South China Sea
Japan and the United States are trying to redefine their alliance. Put simply, under the deal, Japan would shoulder some of the roles the U.S. military has carried out around the world in exchange for America’s continued commitment to defend Japan. At the Abe administration’s behest, the Diet is now deliberating legislation for this purpose.
Ehud Harari
In some ways, history regarding national security does repeat itself in Japan
Fifty-five years ago, in the summer of 1960, Japan experienced socio-political trauma.
Ra Mason
Yonaguni: From paradise island to military base
Stepping out from Yonaguni Airport’s tiny passenger terminal and turning right down its only access road toward the village of Kubura, one would probably expect a quiet walk surrounded by Yonaguni’s famous lush green scenery and perhaps its roaming horses. At least, that’s what the glossy tourist brochure photos of the island in Okinawa Prefecture show.
Peter McGill
Why stay outside China’s new infrastructure bank?
Recent headlines have burnished and buffeted China’s global image.
J. Berkshire Miller
Japan, Philippines converge on security cooperation to counter China
Philippines President Benigno Aquino made a four-day tour of Japan earlier last month, marking his sixth trip to the country over the past five years.
Rahul Raj
South Korea should talk about and not run from U.S.-Japan bonhomie
Ever since Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe declared that his government was going to meddle with the Constitution, the Northeast Asia region has been feeling the heat.
Tetsuo Shibata
Deal with Chinese threat by supporting market economy, encouraging democratic reforms
The Shinzo Abe administration submitted legislation for a new security policy to the Diet on May 15, stirring debate over its pros and cons in Japan.
Junya Nishino
Break the chains of mutual distrust and celebrate 50 years of Japan-S. Korea relations
June will mark 50 years since Japan and South Korea normalized diplomatic ties in 1965. The mood, however, is far from jubilant.
Ra Mason
Henoko in the context of propaganda and politics in 21st century Japan
The Asahi Shimbun’s extraordinary and groundbreaking case study analysis of media influence in Japan was expertly translated into English by Barack Kushner earlier this year.
J. Berkshire Miller
All signs point to delicate thaw in Japan-China relations
In April, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe held his second informal summit meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping in Jakarta on the sidelines of the 60th anniversary of the Asian-African Conference.
Junko Oikawa
Japan-China ties: Believing in the power of cultural exchanges and passing on the baton
Cultural exchanges are like a relay race. You take the baton that somebody hands you, then pass it on to the next person. Of course, culture exchanges are not contests of speed. The desires of people who wish to pass on what they know about wonderful cultures can turn into a "positive chain" that perpetuates itself.
James Gannon
'Human touch' key to U.S.-Japan ties: Lessons from Tom Foley and other key figures
Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s visit to the United States symbolizes how far our two nations have come over the past seven decades.

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