Hunt on for mystery creature after 'footprints' found on bottom of Lake Mashuko
TESHIKAGA, Hokkaido--A mystery creature is lurking at the bottom of Lake Mashuko here and a team of researchers is determined to hunt it down.
Scientists isolate monkey neurons that react to concept of 'zero'
SENDAI--Researchers here have found neurons in the brains of Japanese macaques that can differentiate “zero” from other numbers, a concept that may explain why humans perceive...
Tiny plankton from the Pacific Ocean collected using nets with webbing of 0.1 millimeter (Provided by Christian Sardet of France's CNRS)
Scientists calculate existence of massive trove of plankton...
The world’s oceans contain a far more extensive diversity of microorganisms than previously thought, a global research team reported on May 22.
Scientists say mysterious ancient plate used for Korean board game
Japanese bush warblers in Hawaii pitching a different tune
First experiment 'editing' human embryos ignites ethical furor
A wireless in-wheel motor system for electric vehicles on display at the University of Tokyo's Kashiwa campus in Chiba Prefecture (Keisuke Yamazaki)
First wireless in-wheel motor system developed for electric...
Japanese researchers have successfully developed the world’s first in-wheel motor system for electric vehicles that transmits power wirelessly to run motors incorporated in each wheel.
Auto parts eyed for redesigned space cargo craft to save money
High-tech flying robots dazzle at 1st drone expo
Ghosn: Nissan will have autonomous cars by 2020
Elderly people visit children in a child-care center in Tokyo. (Asahi Shimbun file photo)
Study: Health risks rise for seniors who don't socialize
Seniors who seldom interact with people outside their homes have a higher risk of requiring nursing care, developing dementia or even dying, according to a study.
Scientists to use iPS cells to develop method to treat Parkinson's ...
Study: Drinking coffee, green tea daily lowers risk of death
Health ministry to shorten screening period for new medicines to 6 ...
Equipment to remove radioactive substances from contaminated water stored at the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant (Pool)
TEPCO to finish processing highly contaminated water by month’s...
IWAKI, Fukushima Prefecture--Tokyo Electric Power Co. said it will finish processing highly radioactive water stored in tanks at the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant by the end of the month.
Biggest floating solar power plant built in Hyogo
Japan proposes to cut greenhouse gas emissions 26% by 2030
In compromise, ministries propose 25% reduction target for...

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