Export ban in cards for endangered turtle indigenous to Okinawa
The Environment Ministry said it will ban exports of the Asian brown pond turtle, a species native to islands in southern Japan, in an eleventh hour bid to prevent it going extinct.
Driverless car trials begin on public roads in Ishikawa city
SUZU, Ishikawa Prefecture--The first driverless car trial on a public road was held here March 1, as part of a five-year project that could transform travel in Japan.
An artist's rendition of the deep-sea manned submersible Shinkai 12000 (Provided by Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology)
Manned submersible being developed that reach deepest point of...
YOKOSUKA, Kanagawa Prefecture--A deep-sea manned submersible that can reach the deepest ocean depths is being developed in Japan to survey untapped riches of the seafloor.
Japanese team to launch lunar rover in 2016 for Google competition
Tokyo aquarium scores a world first with footage of conger species ...
Monkey see, monkey do: Japanese primate embraces differ according...
A vehicle to be used in an experiment of the self-driving system on public road by Kanazawa University and the Suzu city government (Provided by Kanazawa University)
Driverless cars to use public roads in 5-year project
Cars that drive themselves will be tested on roadways in Ishikawa Prefecture in a five-year project that gets under way next month.
Japan's 1st mass-produced drone takes maiden flight
Hitachi develops world's most powerful electron microscope
'Superhuman' sports of the future for anyone could be on the...
The Asahi Shimbun
Research group creates cartilage tissue from human iPS cells
Researchers at Kyoto University created cartilage tissue from human induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells and successfully transplanted it into a pig, a feat that has promising applications in regenerative medicine.
'Bearish' nursing-care robot gently assists patients
Drink more black tea for stronger bones, researchers say
Japan scientists crack 'recipe' for optic nerve cells using iPS...
The Environment Ministry’s wind power generating facility off Goto, Nagasaki Prefecture (Provided by Toda Corp.)
Surplus in wind power to produce hydrogen for fuel cells
GOTO, Nagasaki Prefecture--An offshore project will get under way here in March to use excess electricity generated from wind to create hydrogen that can fuel local island communities.
Kawasaki garbage trucks to be fueled by burning refuse they collect
Kansai airport moving to become hydrogen hub with 'green' forklifts
Anti-base group: Anchors in Futenma relocation survey damaging...

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