Japan-Ethiopia team finds evidence humans probably 1 million years older
Fossilized teeth of an ancient ape unearthed in Ethiopia are crucial evidence that support a new theory that humans are a million years older than previously believed, researchers...
Cancer patients’ new hope as scientists reproduce ‘cancer killer’ cells
KYOTO--A vital “cancer killer” cell in the human body that helps fight tumors and pathogens has been reproduced by a Kyoto University-led team, offering new hope to cancer...
Thermal imaging taken by the Venus probe Akatsuki shows the poles of the planet in white, an indication that their temperatures are higher than in other areas of the planet. (Provided by the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency)
JAXA set to solve age-old riddle of temperature variations on Venus
JAXA is poised to explain the mystery of why temperatures in the atmosphere above the poles of Venus, in contrast to Earth, are higher than in surrounding areas of the planet.
Newly discovered Thai dinosaur makes museum debut in Japan
Technological perseverance wins Japan naming rights for element 113
New species of sea cucumber squirms into the spotlight
A conceptual map of Cybernic City (Provided by Cyberdyne Inc.)
Venture company in Tsukuba plans city of robots
TSUKUBA, Ibaraki Prefecture--A start-up firm here is planning to construct a futuristic “city of robots” that relies on robotic and cybernetic technologies to assist with the daily lives of humans.
Defense Ministry reveals Japan's first stealth plane, the...
Toshiba shows off remote-control gear to be used to extract...
New carbon-fiber production method saves energy, slashes costs
The Asahi Shimbun
Brain scan company delves into gray area of personality assessments
Don’t know who you are?
Paralysis recovery breakthrough as scientists uncover nerves'...
Worried about diabetes? Try eating fish or meat before rice
Kyoto University researchers observe mid-transformation iPS cells...
A male short-tailed albatross watches over its offspring on Mukojima island. (Photo taken by the Yamashina Institute for Ornithology and provided by the Tokyo metropolitan government)
First rare albatross chick born on Mukojima island
Government-led efforts to protect the short-tailed albatross, an endangered North Pacific seabird, seem to be paying off.
China warns of widespread smog, Beijing issues second ‘red...
East Japan ski resorts at the mercy of El Nino
Giving a hoot about an endangered owl in Hokkaido

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