Dementia patients establish 1st advocacy group in Japan
Eleven people being treated for dementia have set up the country’s first advocacy group to raise awareness of the disease that mainly strikes the elderly.
In breakthrough, scientists discover molecule that causes rheumatoid arthritis
Japanese researchers have identified one of the substances that cause rheumatoid arthritis, an unprecedented finding that could eventually lead to a cure for the disease.
The oldest fossilized feces of vertebrate animals ever found in Japan discovered in Minami-Sanriku, Miyagi Prefecture (From the University of Tokyo website)
Oldest fossilized vertebrate droppings in Japan found in coastal...
Archaeologists have discovered the oldest fossilized feces of vertebrate animals in Japan, suggesting the marine ecosystem that collapsed about 252 million years ago had fully recovered within 5 million years.
Persistence pays off for three winners of Nobel Prize in Physics
Scientists: 1st stars in universe likely 100 times heavier than sun
Researchers breed mice from sperm stored in space, paving way for...
Kao Corp. is looking into algae as a potential source of surfactants for shampoo. (Asahi Shimbun file photo)
Kao in a lather over algae-based shampoo
Household goods maker Kao Corp. may soon be using algae to produce cleansing agents for its products, specifically shampoo.
Cosmetics maker Kose uses iPS technology to take 30 years off...
Robots steal the show at electronics expo in Chiba
H-2A puts next-generation weather satellite into orbit
The Asahi Shimbun
iPS researchers improve survival rate of transplanted cardiac cells
KYOTO--Scientists here developed a method using human induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells that improves the survival rate of transplanted cardiac muscle cells, a finding that could eventually be used to treat heart attack...
New robot gives surgeons a helping hand
Researchers: Overweight women at greater risk of developing breast ...
Moisturizing skin of newborns may prevent future allergies, say...
A loggerhead sea turtle (Provided by the Sea Turtle Association of Japan)
Ministry stepping in as concerns mount over animals feeding on sea ...
Environment Ministry officials will launch a nationwide study to look into disturbing reports of animals such as wild boars and raccoon dogs eating the buried eggs of endangered sea turtles.
Global warming, alien fish staining Japan's clearest lake
Tokyo in the spotlight as citizen groups start generating solar...
Japan, China, Taiwan, S. Korea agree to cut eel procurement by 20%

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