A computerized image showing how methane hydrate (center) emits methane gas. (Provided by associate professor Masakazu Matsumoto from Okayama University)
Researchers unlock mystery of how methane hydrate, or 'burning ice,' emits gas
Researchers at Okayama University have discovered the process whereby methane hydrate emits methane gas, a discovery that could lead to the development of mining technology of the new energy source.
A full moon with its top eclipsed rises alongside Tokyo Skytree at 6:31 p.m. on April 15. (Yosuke Fukudome)
PHOTO: A full moon blushes red
A "blood moon" was seen rising in the evening sky across eastern Japan on April 15.
The prototype maglev train on exhibit at the new wing of the Yamanashi Prefectural Maglev Exhibition Center in Tsuru as seen April 14 (Hiroshi Kawai)
Maglev center to offer new high-speed experience
TSURU, Yamanashi Prefecture--Visitors to the Yamanashi Prefectural Maglev Exhibition Center here will soon be able to view the world's fastest "floating" train and experience the thrill of a simulated ride.
Toyota Motor Corp. will recycle copper in wire harnesses from disused automobiles. (Keiko Nannichi)
Toyota creates copper-recycling method to address shortage concerns
Toyota Motor Corp. has developed a pioneering technology to recycle copper from vehicles amid fears that the global supply of the resource will eventually run out, the automaker said March 25.
The Asahi Shimbun
Government, industry trying to protect 2020 Games from cyber-attacks
The government is heeding lessons learned from the London Games in the hopes of keeping the 2020 Tokyo Olympics safe from cyber-attacks and other potential information-related emergencies.
Toshio Iwamoto, president of NTT DATA Corp., left, and Monsignor Jean-Louis Brugues, librarian of the Holy Roman Church, shake their hands during a news conference at the Vatican on March 20. (Hiroshi Ishida)
NTT Data to help Vatican digitize library archives, put them online
VATICAN CITY--The Vatican library began a project on March 20 to digitize thousands of historical manuscripts, dating from the origins of the Church to the 20th century, and make them available online.
A maglev train runs on JR Tokai's Yamanashi Maglev Test Line in Yamanashi Prefecture during a test run in August 2013. (Asahi Shimbun file photo)
JR Tokai to invite public on high-speed maglev train test runs
Central Japan Railway Co. (JR Tokai) will offer tickets for test rides on its super-fast maglev train that has a top speed of 500 kph.
Participants in the Data Journalism Hackathon held at the Tokyo head office of The Asahi Shimbun (Hiraku Toda)
Asahi embarks on data-journalism 'hackathon' to tackle social problems
An app designed to help stroke victims by comparing the results of available medical care was the winning entry at the first Asahi Shimbun-sponsored Data Journalism Hackathon.
Masahiro Kuroda operates his image-to-sound conversion device in Tokyo’s Minato Ward. (Naoya Kon)
Inventor creates image-to-sound convertor for visually impaired
A Tokyo inventor has created a device that enables the visually impaired to grasp the shape of a painting by converting visual images into sound, a technology that one day could be used at art museums and in science textbooks.
EMIEW 2, a robot that can maneuver around humans and obstacles, was developed by Hitachi Ltd. The photo was taken March 7 in Hitachinaka, Ibaraki Prefecture. (Kiyohide Inada)
Hitachi robot steers clear of humans
Hitachi Ltd. has developed a humanoid robot that one day might safely navigate around offices and hospitals alongside people.
Hiroshi Kobayashi wears a Muscle Suit, which he and a team of engineers developed at the Tokyo University of Science, on Feb. 27 in Tokyo’s Shinjuku Ward. (Yuki Takayama)
Engineers create 'Muscle Suit' for lifting heavy items
Engineers at the Tokyo University of Science and a private sector company have developed a “Muscle Suit” that will empower individuals who need assistance in lifting heavy objects.
Two whitish boxes of different sizes hold radar devices to be mounted on the global precipitation measurement (GPM) satellite and are designed to send and receive radio waves at different frequencies. Each box contains 128 antennas. (Provided by JAXA)
Japan set to launch next-generation weather satellite
Japan is set to launch a satellite that will provide more accurate global forecasts of extreme weather and climate change.
Akihiro Nishimura, president of Nishimura Precision Co., shows Paperglass reading glasses at an exhibition in Milan in January. (Hiroshi Ishida)
Italian buyers rave over reading glasses flatter than a pancake
MILAN--Reading glasses that fold flat enough to be used as a bookmark tantalized prospective European customers at a recent exhibition of Japanese products here in January.
In this undated photo released on Feb. 21 by Nissan Motor Co., the Japanese automaker's electric car Leaf runs in Thimphu in Bhutan. (AP Photo)
Bhutan, Nissan partner on electric cars
The Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan has tapped Nissan Motor Co. to supply electric cars for its taxis and government fleet, hoping to reduce reliance on imported oil.
The newly developed Fomm Concept One EV is on display at an event in Tokyo’s Chuo Ward on Feb. 19. (Masahiro Yuchi)
Start-up unveils little EV that floats, moves in water
A venture company in Kawasaki that has developed an electric car that can move and float in water plans to market the vehicle in flood-prone Thailand late next year.
A new LNG-fueled ME-GI ship engine is shown at a Kawasaki Heavy Industries Ltd. factory in Kobe on Feb. 18. (Keiichi Kitagawa)
Shipbuilder develops cleaner, more efficient LNG-fueled engine
KOBE--Kawasaki Heavy Industries Ltd. has developed a liquefied natural gas-fueled ship engine that emits less carbon dioxide than heavy oil.
A 3-D reproduction of coral on the seafloor was created using observation data gathered by the newly developed boat. (Provided by the National Institute for Environmental Studies)
High-tech boat developed to monitor coral reefs in 3-D
A new boat-based system has been developed that will allow for more effective monitoring of changes in delicate coral reefs in 3-D imaging unavailable from diver observations.
An iPS cell (Provided by Kyoto University)
Researchers develop less expensive culture medium for iPS cells
A joint team of academic and corporate researchers in Japan said it has developed a type of culture medium that is more efficient and much cheaper for growing induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells.
A Nagasaki prefectural government official checks online postings for content on networking websites. (Asahi Shimbun file photo)
KDDI speeds up process of detecting and hiding online personal info
KDDI R&D Laboratories has developed a system that it says offers much better protection against personal information from being distributed on social media and other open-access websites.
Haruko Obokata of the Riken Center for Developmental Biology explains her research group's discovery of a new type of pluripotent cell. (Takuya Isayama)
Researchers find way to create pluripotent cells with fewer drawbacks
A research group at the Riken Center for Developmental Biology in Kobe has made a discovery that could overturn conventional wisdom about the life sciences and mark a major advance in the field of regenerative medicine.

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