The Achillies robot is capable of running at 4.2 kph, the speed of an average human jogger. (Takeshi Tokitsu)
Tokyo University team engineers a robot that can go for a jog
Scientists at the University of Tokyo announced Sept. 1 that they have developed a bipedal robot that can run like a human.
Japan's first stealth fighter prototype developed by the Defense Ministry at the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd. factory in Toyoyama, Aichi Prefecture, in May. (Provided by the Defense Ministry's Technical Research and Development Institute)
Defense Ministry reveals prototype of first Japanese stealth fighter
The Defense Ministry released images of a homegrown experimental combat plane designed to be Japan's first stealth fighter.
Young people in Madrid use the Line app to arrange their schedules. (Isabel Contreras)
Line messaging app approaches 500 million users
In just three years, Line Corp. has neared the 500-million mark for registered users of its free call and messaging app, thanks in part to a surge in popularity in Spain, the company said.
Nobuhiro Yoshioka, a Whill official in charge of sales, rides the company-designed wheelchair. (Akiko Okazaki)
Former automotive engineer designs more user friendly wheelchair
A wheelchair designed by a former automotive engineer that promises to be more comfortable and easier to operate than conventional models is set to go on sale from September.
The "science globe," which shows satellite images of the Earth, is displayed for the first time in Japan at the exhibition facility in Higashi-Matsushima, Miyagi Prefecture, on July 26. (Eri Takamizawa)
Giant globe in Miyagi shows real-time view of Earth from space
HIGASHI-MATSUSHIMA, Miyagi Prefecture--A gigantic globe designed to show the Earth as viewed from space in real time is giving visitors to the city’s new Discovery Center an out-of-this-world experience.
Nissan Motor Co. tests one of its autonomous cars on a highway on Nov. 25. (Masahiro Yuchi)
Nissan to market its first self-driving cars by end of 2016
Nissan Motor Co. will market cars with autonomous driving capabilities by the end of 2016, making it the first Japanese automaker to offer a detailed timetable for the release of such advanced self-driving technologies.
Euglena Co. President Mitsuru Izumo, right, and Isuzu Motors Ltd. President Susumu Hosoi show off a beaker containing euglena algae in front of a bus powered by the biofuel. (Masahiro Yuchi)
Isuzu Motors, venture firm eye low-cost, algae-based biodiesel
Isuzu Motors Ltd. is teaming up with an algae research and development company to produce more cost-effective biodiesel made from euglena algae for use in trucks, buses and other commercial vehicles.
A flightless ladybug beetle developed by the Western Region Agricultural Research Center (Provided by Tomokazu Seko)
Flightless ladybug could lessen reliance on chemical pesticides
A national research center in Hiroshima Prefecture developed a flightless ladybug that looks promising for controlling a pest that damages crops.
Katsuragi Mayor Kazuya Yamashita, second from left in front row, and others pose at an official car donation ceremony in Katsuragi, Nara Prefecture, on May 29. (Masanori Kobayashi)
Mayor's new car a pigment of the imagination
KATSURAGI, Nara Prefecture--An automobile that seems to magically change its colors will soon hit the streets of Katsuragi.
Sharp’s trial model of a security robot can take pictures of an intruder and transmit the images to a TV in a user’s home while moving around a garden. (Aki Fukuyama)
Sharp reveals concept products for new business plan
Sharp Corp. on June 5 unveiled 28 unique trial gadgets that are part of a new project to reduce dependency on its flagship liquid crystal display business.
Softbank Corp. President Masayoshi Son shakes hands with Pepper on June 5. (Tsubasa Setoguchi/ The Asahi Shimbun)
Emotional robot set for sale in Japan next year
A cooing, gesturing humanoid on wheels that can decipher emotions has been unveiled in Japan by billionaire Masayoshi Son who says robots should be tender and make people smile.
Inspectors from the Fukushima prefectural government visit the ALPS (advanced liquid processing system) at the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant in April. (Asahi Shimbun file photo)
Problems still plague ALPS decontamination system at Fukushima plant
High radiation levels and technical difficulties continue to stymie full-scale operations of key decontamination equipment at the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant even though tests started more than a year ago.
Toyota's Fuel Cell Vehicle Concept car on display at the Tokyo Motor Show last November (Asahi Shimbun file photo)
Toyota fuel-cell cars to hit market by the end of 2014
Toyota Motor Corp. anticipates selling the first of its next generation eco-cars that emit zero carbon dioxide around year-end, sources said.
Sharp Corp.’s new liquid crystal display TV and hard disk recorder that can deliver 4K broadcasts is shown in Osaka on May 20. (Aki Fukuyama)
Trial 4K broadcasts start; TV stations skeptical
Trial 4K TV broadcasts started in Japan on June 2 amid high expectations from the government and pessimism among TV stations due to the high costs to view or create the ultra-high resolution shows.
The H-2A Launch Vehicle No. 24 lifts off from the Tanegashima Space Center in Kagoshima Prefecture on May 24. (Mahito Kaai)
H-2A rocket launched, puts Earth-observation satellite in orbit
TANEGASHIMA ISLAND, Kagoshima Prefecture--An H-2A series rocket lifted off on May 24 and placed into orbit a satellite capable of peering into volcano crater engulfed in smoke, the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) said.
New virtual reality eyeglass technology allows users to see and move 3-D images in midair. (Hiroyuki Yamamoto)
Researcher develops technology that allows manipulation of 3-D imagery
A Japanese scientist has developed a special package of glasses and a camera that allows users to manipulate computer-generated 3-D virtual reality images with their hands.
Tokyo Governor Yoichi Masuzoe, third from left, visits a hydrogen charging station in Tokyo's Koto Ward to test drive a fuel cell vehicle on May 15. (Atsuko Kawaguchi)
Tokyo Olympics to be a window on nation's technological advancements
The government intends to use the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo to showcase Japan's state-of-the-art technologies to the world, such as robots that can communicate with foreign visitors in a variety of languages.
JIN Co. President Hitoshi Tanaka, center, and others show off the company’s new eyeglasses that can monitor users’ tiredness and sleepiness on May 13. (Shiho Tomioka)
New eyeglasses monitor wearer's level of fatigue, sleepiness
A Japanese company said it has developed eyeglasses that can measure the wearer’s fatigue level based on eye movements, blinking rates and other factors.
A vinyl greenhouse is seen in this photo taken in Kadoma, Osaka Prefecture, where Panasonic Corp. is experimenting with spinach cultivation. The greenhouse is equipped with an automated system for controlling and creating the perfect growing environment. (Kohei Kondo)
Panasonic targets agriculture business with new high-tech greenhouse
Panasonic Corp. has started selling a new electronically controlled greenhouse that creates a more optimal cultivation environment, allowing farmers to grow some crops year-round.
Automakers are working on automated vehicles. (Asahi Shimbun file photo)
Universities team up to develop fully autonomous car
KITA-KYUSHU--Three universities opened a research center here May 1 to jointly develop the car of the future--a self-drive vehicle with artificial intelligence.

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