The X-2 advanced technological demonstrator is unveiled at the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd. Komaki South Plant on Jan. 28. (Taku Hosokawa)
Defense Ministry reveals Japan's first stealth plane, the next-generation 'X-2'
TOYOYAMA, Aichi Prefecture--With high hopes riding on it becoming Japan's next-generation advanced fighter, the nation's first experimental stealth plane was unveiled at a Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd. factory here on Jan. 28.
Remote-control equipment developed by Toshiba Corp. to remove spent nuclear fuel from a storage pool in a demonstration held on Jan. 18 at the company's Keihin plant in Yokohama (Tatsuya Shimada)
Toshiba shows off remote-control gear to be used to extract nuclear fuel at Fukushima plant
Toshiba Corp. gave a demonstration Jan. 18 of a remote-control crane and robot that it expects to play a crucial role in decommissioning work at the stricken Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant.
Chemical fibers used in the new carbon-fiber manufacturing method. Special processing makes the thread black. (Provided by NEDO)
New carbon-fiber production method saves energy, slashes costs
A research team has developed a carbon-fiber manufacturing method that uses half the energy consumed in the current process and could increase maximum output of the strong but lightweight material tenfold.
The Asahi Shimbun
Snappy new laser system is no slouch at detecting defects in tunnels
Zapping train tunnels with superfast laser beams could replace the slow, manual use of hammers in detecting dangerous structural defects that could cause cave-ins.
Masamitsu Funaoka talks about the “nanocellulose lignophenol composite” that his team developed at Mie University. (Kazuya Goto)
Researchers create plant-based fire-resistant material for auto, aircraft parts
TSU--A team of scientists has developed a material made from plant cells and resin that is light, durable and fire-resistant, and is expected to find practical use in aircraft, railway and automobile parts.
A worker views a simulated 3-D virtual reality image of the interior of a reactor building at the embattled Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant at a research and training center in Naraha, Fukushima Prefecture. (Takuya Isayama)
Virtual reality to be used to help decommission Fukushima plant
NARAHA, Fukushima Prefecture--A virtual reality system here that will assist in the decommissioning of the crippled Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant is preparing for full-scale operations this spring.
PaperLab, an in-house paper recycling machine by Seiko Epson Corp. (courtesy of Seiko Epson Corp.)
Epson pitches world’s first recycling paper mill for the office
Perfect for offices that worry about running out of paper, an all-in-one system that turns used paper into newly recycled stock will hit the market in mid-2016, Seiko Epson Corp. announced.
Cyberdyne Inc.'s Robot Suit HAL helps caregivers lift patients at elderly care facilities. (Provided by Cyberdyne Inc.)
Government to subsidize robots to help caregivers with laborious elderly care
Amid a rapidly aging society and a shortage of caregivers, the government will soon be offering financial assistance for elderly nursing facilities to employ high-end care robots.
Honda Motor Co. uses two eco-friendly cars to power holiday lighting in Tokyo's Marunouchi district on Dec. 24. (Ken Sakakibara)
Honda’s eco-friendly cars power Christmas lights in Tokyo shopping area
Honda Motor Co. showed off its environmentally friendly vehicles in Tokyo's Marunouchi district to holiday shoppers on Christmas Eve by using two cars to run seasonal lighting.
A smartphone places an order via an app that communicates with a flat wireless communications device at a restaurant table. The restaurant menu can be displayed in 10 languages. (Tomoyuki Izawa)
U.S. venture zips through language barrier at restaurants in Japan
A U.S. start-up has created speedy system involving a multi-language smartphone app that enables foreign visitors in Japan to order restaurant food without even talking to wait staff.
A cow skull, left, and its 3-D image on a computer screen at the Nara National Research Institute for Cultural Properties (Yumi Kurita)
Fleshing out history of bones made easier with 3-D images on free website
NARA--If you dig up a bone in your backyard, you can now use a free website to discover whether it once belonged to a wild boar ... or even a human.
Zeon Corp.'s new single-walled carbon nanotube plant in Shunan, Yamaguchi Prefecture, started operation on Nov. 11.  (Provided by Zeon Corp.)
The tiny tube with a big future--but when will carbon nanotubes catch on?
SHUNAN, Yamaguchi Prefecture--From the long-fabled space elevator to bendable computers, the possibilities of carbon nanotubes are endless.
A pilot test of the "translating taxi" system started in Tottori city on Nov. 18. (Kensuke Abe)
'Translating taxis' in Tottori ensuring foreign passengers not lost in translation
TOTTORI--In nine taxis operating around JR Tottori Station, passengers who don't speak Japanese can still communicate their destinations to drivers through special smartphones installed in a public trial.
A 10-story reinforced concrete building sways at E-Defense testing facility in Miki, Hyogo Prefecture, on Dec. 11 during a test featuring the shaking of quake with a seismic intensity of upper 6 on the Japanese scale of 7. (Takehito Sato)
Japan's building standards withstand biggest quake-resistance test
MIKI, Hyogo Prefecture--The world’s largest-scale quake-resistance experiment was conducted here, and a 10-story building conforming to Japan’s safety standards wobbled and cracked but passed the test, researchers said.
MgBOX slim, emergency magnesium air battery developed by Furukawa Battery Co. (Provided by Toppan Printing Co.)
Water-activated battery can supply electricity in emergencies
For times of disasters when the power lost, Furukawa Battery Co. will offer a magnesium air battery that can generate enough electricity after being filled with water to operate a radio or charge a smartphone.
Dai Nippon Printing Co. says its film effectively reflects outside light to the ceiling and brightens up a room. (Provided by Dai Nippon Printing Co.)
DNP window film spreads natural light, saves electricity
Dai Nippon Printing Co. said it has developed a film for windows that can double the brightness of a room using natural light while reducing electricity usage by 13 percent.
Visitors to the ninth Osaka Motor Show test ride an ECOMOS EV-BUS, a compact electric bus developed by auto mechanics from Osaka and Kyoto prefectures, on Dec. 4. (Tetsushi Yamamura)
Handmade electric bus aims for Osaka Motor Show spotlight
KYOTANABE, Kyoto Prefecture--The Osaka Motor Show is known for showcasing flashy new releases and concept models from top international automakers, but one of this year’s event highlights is a humble electric bus.
KDDI Corp.'s washable Digno Rafre smartphone (Takao Shinkai)
KDDI offers world’s 1st smartphone that doesn't mind soap and water
For those who can't put their smartphones down even in the bathroom or at the dinner table, a new model will soon hit the market that can be cleaned with soap and water.
The 31-meter-long first stage of H-2A Launch Vehicle No. 30 at Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd.'s Tobishima Plant in Tobishima, Aichi Prefecture, on Dec. 1 (Ryo Inoue)
30th H-2A rocket to carry satellite for black hole studies
TOBISHIMA, Aichi Prefecture--Following another successful launch, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd. rolled out its nearly completed 30th H-2A rocket that will carry a satellite designed to study one of the biggest mysteries in the universe.
A prototype of an arm cover from Teijin Ltd.’s “wearable cosmetics" range. Its malic acid soaked-fiber can smooth the skin, a Teijin spokesperson said. (Provided by Teijin Ltd.)
Teijin’s ‘wearable cosmetics’ line combines clothing, moisturizer
Teijin Ltd. has developed the first “wearable cosmetics” clothing range that promises to actively soften the skin with fabric soaked in an ingredient used in beauty products.

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