Sendai, the capital of Miyagi Prefecture, is known as “Mori no Miyako” (City of the Trees) because of its tree-lined streets. Four centuries ago, Date Masamune, a feudal lord who ruled the Sendai domain in northeastern Japan, founded Sendai Castle. Ever since, Sendai has continued to prosper as the largest city in the Tohoku region. The city is the perfect destination for tourists to get a taste of old Japan. We explore with our readers the scenic sights and places of historic interest in and around Sendai.

Mie Prefecture is located in the heart of Japan. It is where the fauna and flora of the south and north coexist, and offers a blend of ancient cultures and a rich natural environment to visitors. For this installment of Japan Travel, Asahi Shimbun reporter Tsuyoshi Nojima takes AJW readers to scenic spots and religious sites in the prefecture, including Ise Jingu shrine, a center of worship to many Japanese, which this year awaits the traditional Shikinen Sengu ceremony, held every 20 years.

For this installment of Japan Travel, Asahi Shimbun reporter Atsushi Yamanishi invites AJW readers to tag along on his trip to Shodoshima and Naoshima islands in the Seto Inland Sea and Shikoku island.
Dive in and discover the simple charms of Japan that cannot be experienced in big cities. The trip will be something of an eye-opener--rustic beauty and traditional scenery, injected with a refreshing breath of contemporary art.

Although there are many memorable places for sightseeing in Japan, Kyoto and Nara hold a very special status not only for Japanese but for foreign tourists. Asahi Shimbun reporter Yuka Ariyoshi takes AJW readers to the two ancient cities--the land of culture, temples, beautiful gardens and exquisite cuisine. With this installment of Japan Travel, you can experience both former imperial capitals, which are windows into Japan’s traditional past, its religious culture and the daily lives of court nobility.

Looking for a destination that offers great nature, good food and sake, a rich history, snow festivals, winter sports and comfortable accommodations? Hokkaido, especially in wintertime, is the perfect place. Our staff writer has visited various places, including Asahikawa, Otaru and Noboribetsu, around Hokkaido, the second largest, most northern and least developed of Japan's four main islands.

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