'Robot Suit HAL' gets nod as medical device to help patients walk
Yoshiyuki Sankai, a professor of engineering at the University of Tsukuba, explains the “Robot Suit HAL” in a news conference held in the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare in Tokyo on Nov. 25. (Takahiro Takenouchi)
The health ministry has certified “Robot Suit HAL” as a medical device to help patients with intractable diseases regain mobility in their legs.
Ministry to certify ‘Robot Suit HAL’ as medical device to help ...
The Asahi Shimbun
A health ministry panel on Nov. 10 for the first time approved a wearable, robotic suit for designation as a medical device to help patients with intractable diseases regain...
Robotic suits give construction workers a power surge
Construction workers wear Cyberdyne Inc.’s HAL robotic suits in Tokyo in June. (Hikaru Uchida)
He might be 52, but construction worker Akimichi Takada is finding it easier to carry heavy loads--thanks to a robotic power suit.
Robots to descend on Haneda Airport
A man places a heavy suitcase on a robot while wearing a strap-on device that assists in the lifting of heavy loads.  (Provided by Japan Airport Terminal Co. and Cyberdyne Inc.)
Robots will be cleaning the floors and carrying luggage at Haneda Airport by September, the operator of the airport's terminals has announced.
New strap-on robotic devices offer lift to aged workers,...
A worker, wearing a strap-on robotic device, lifts a box in Ichihara, Chiba Prefecture, on Dec. 17. (Ken Miyazaki)
At a UPR Corp. distribution center in Ichihara, Chiba Prefecture, a 56-year-old male worker, wearing a strap-on motorized device that gave him an additional lifting force of 15 ...
Omron, Cyberdyne join forces on factory robotics
Cyberdyne’s transport robot carries a heavy rice bag during a news conference in Tokyo on Dec. 24. (Aki Fukuyama)
Omron Corp. will provide motion-detecting sensors for Cyberdyne Inc.’s robotic products, including wearable devices that allow users to emulate the movements of skilled...
Heavy-lifting cyborg-like device gives a helping hand to workers
Cyberdyne Inc. staff members demonstrate the new HAL (Hybrid Assistive Limb) device, which helps users carry heavy loads, at the company's headquarters in Tsukuba, Ibaraki Prefecture, on Sept. 30. (Jun Ueda)
A robotics venture outside Tokyo unveiled a cyborg-like device that it says carries a fair share of the load borne by construction workers.
Japanese robotics maker makes debut on Tokyo Stock Exchange
Cyberdyne Inc. officials show off its wearable robot HAL at the Tokyo Stock Exchange in Tokyo’s Chuo Ward on March 26 after the company was listed on the Mothers market. (Satoru Sekiguchi)
A manufacturer of a wearable robotic exoskeleton to support people with decreased limb functions made its debut on the Tokyo Stock Exchange's Mothers market for emerging...
Japanese medical robotic suit certified in Europe
Yoshiyuki Sankai, a University of Tsukuba professor and president of Cyberdyne Inc., left, demonstrates the “Robot Suit HAL” in Tsukuba, Ibaraki Prefecture, on Aug. 5. (Shiro Nishihata)
TSUKUBA, Ibaraki Prefecture--A robotic suit designed for the rehabilitation of patients having difficulty walking due to stroke and spinal cord damage has been certified in...
Hospitals to test robot suit to help patients walk
A patient tries walking while wearing Robot Suit HAL in Niigata National Hospital in Kashiwazaki, Niigata Prefecture. (Provided by Takashi Nakajima, a medical doctor at the hospital)
Ten Japanese hospitals in March will conduct the world’s first clinical tests of a cyborg-type suit designed for the rehabilitation of patients suffering from intractable...
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