giant squid

Schoolkids get up-close look at rare giant squid of the deep at...
A frozen giant squid on display at Sapporo Maruyama Zoo is more than twice the height of two schoolchildren. (Kotaro Ebara)
SAPPORO--A frozen giant squid at Sapporo Maruyama Zoo has been attracting throngs of curious schoolchildren who cannot resist poking and prodding the enormous denizen of the...
Toyama company plans to serve dried giant squid
A dried giant squid on display at Shinminato Kittokito Market in Imizu, Toyama Prefecture (Takashi Yoshikawa)
IMIZU, Toyama Prefecture--A giant squid caught by accident in Toyama Bay last autumn has been dried and will undergo tests for a possible tasting event.
Giant squid mania draws long lines in Japan
Visitors gaze at the specimen of a giant squid at the Shinkai exhibition at the National Museum of Nature and Science in Tokyo's Ueno district. (Minako Yoshimoto)
A legendary behemoth of the deepest, darkest parts of the ocean is all the rage in Japan, and is starting to generate interest in the United States and Europe, too.
Deep-sea giant squid captured on video for first time
A silvery giant squid is captured on video for the first time. (Provided by Japan Broadcasting Corp. (C) NHK/ NEP/ DISCOVERY CHANNEL)
A team led by Japan Broadcasting Corp. (NHK) has shot the first videos of the elusive giant squid, the largest invertebrate on the planet, in its natural environment.
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