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Trash-collecting idol group becoming fan favorite in Saitama
Members of the idol group Osoji Unit Kawagoe Clear's collect garbage in Fujimi, Saitama Prefecture, in October 2014. (Takemichi Nishibori)
KAWAGOE, Saitama Prefecture--If the wildly popular AKB48 are the "idols you can meet," then the Osoji (cleanup) Unit Kawagoe Clear's pop group here are "idols you can pick up...
ANIME NEWS: Japanese pop culture from past 25 years to showcase at ...
The National Art Center, Tokyo, stands in the capital's Roppongi district. (Asahi Shimbun file photo)
Manga, anime and video games will take center stage in a special exhibition at The National Art Center, Tokyo, this summer in the capital's Roppongi district.
Kobe pins hopes on 9 cute girls
A university cheer leading squad performs in front of the Tetsujin 28-go statue in Kobe's Nagata Ward in May 2011. (Asahi Shimbun file photo)
Tokyo may need 48, but Kobe figures just nine of its girls should be more than enough for anyone.
Orchard Road gets a taste of Harajuku
A Harajuku street-style fashion show at a department store in Singapore on Oct. 7 (Kazuto Tsukamoto)
SINGAPORE--The energy and style of Tokyo's famous Harajuku district were transplanted to Tangs department store on the famous Orchard Road shopping street on Oct. 7, at the...
Kitty, Doraemon outdo homegrown characters in South Korea
Hello Kitty, featured here on a Japanese postage stamp issued in February 2011, became the most recognized character in South Korea in 2010. (Asahi Shimbun file photo)
SEOUL -- In a finding that's not likely to impress conservatives here who fret about Japan's cultural influence, "Hello Kitty" has been named the most recognizable pop culture...
METI to help Singapore create its own Good Design Award
SINGAPORE--Japan's industry ministry has decided to assist Singapore in creating its own version of a Good Design Award, similar to the one in Japan, for industrial and other...
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