U.N. panel: Reduce greenhouse gases or suffer catastrophic effects
A downpour flooded houses in Obama, Fukui Prefecture, in September 2013. An increase in greenhouse gas emissions could lead to cataclysmic environmental changes, a U.N. panel draft report says. (Asahi Shimbun file photo)
Greenhouse gases must be cut 40 to 70 percent within 36 years to prevent cataclysmic environmental changes, according to a U.N. panel’s draft report that urges an immediate...
Japan set to launch next-generation weather satellite
Two whitish boxes of different sizes hold radar devices to be mounted on the global precipitation measurement (GPM) satellite and are designed to send and receive radio waves at different frequencies. Each box contains 128 antennas. (Provided by JAXA)
Japan is set to launch a satellite that will provide more accurate global forecasts of extreme weather and climate change.
Eastern Japan still reeling from massive snowstorm, entire areas...
The weight of heavy snow caused a greenhouse to collapse in the Katsunuma-cho district of Koshu, Yamanashi Prefecture, on Feb. 17. (Hiroshi Kawai)
Last weekend’s snowfall, the heaviest to blanket eastern Japan in decades, is still causing havoc in some areas as thousands remain isolated, expressways and public transport ...
19 dead, towns stranded after snowstorm hits eastern Japan
Vehicles are stuck on National Route No. 18 in Karuizawa, Nagano Prefecture, on Feb. 17. (Yusaku Kanagawa)
At least 19 people died after a weekend snowstorm in eastern Japan damaged buildings, stranded thousands of train passengers and motorists and cut off supply routes for entire...
VOX POPULI: Snow may be a letter from heaven, but please be careful
Pedestrians in Tokyo gingerly cross the snowy street in front of Shinjuku Station on Feb. 8, during a winter storm. (Sayuri Ide)
Japanese have an affinity for "go-shichi-cho" (five-and-seven-syllable) sentences, the cadence of which is set by repeating words of five syllables and those of seven syllables ...
Global warming likely to displace hundreds of millions
Hundreds of millions of people mainly in Asia could be displaced by the end of this century as global warming causes sea levels to rise, according to a report by a special U.N. ...
VOX POPULI: Blue autumn skies do not always usher in tranquility
Rescue workers resume searching on Oct. 27 for those missing due to Typhoon No. 26 on the island of Izu-Oshima as the weather improves. Two more typhoons passed the island after the tragic event Oct. 16. (The Asahi Shimbun)
Not all fighting is ugly. “Arasou” (Fighting) is the title of a poem by Hiroshi Yoshino: “Look up to the blue sky/ Blue is fighting/ That jostling is what makes...
PHOTO: Rare lunar rainbow appears in Gunma night sky
A lunar rainbow in the night sky over Takayama, Gunma Prefecture, on Oct. 16 (Provided by the Gunma Astronomical Observatory)
TAKAYAMA, Gunma Prefecture--A rare lunar rainbow graced the night sky here for the first time in seven years, the Gunma Astronomical Observatory said.
VOX POPULI: Deadly typhoon brings disaster to island that should...
Islanders walk to safety on a road littered with mud and fallen trees in Oshima on Izu-Oshima island after typhoon No. 26 passed on Oct. 16. (Yasuhiro Sugimoto)
The courses that typhoons approaching Japan follow can be likened to those of bamboo-leaf boats that float on a brook. At first, the craft hangs about near the shore, but once...
Experts deny recent spike of tornadoes is new event
A suspected tornado in Yaita, Tochigi Prefecture, on Sept. 4 (Provided by a reader)
Wet and warm southerly air currents created tornado-prone conditions over Tochigi Prefecture on Sept. 4, the Japan Meteorological Agency said.
Japan’s highest temperature--41 degrees--marked in Kochi...
A signboard touting the Aug. 12 record of Japan’s highest temperature is erected in front of a market in Shimanto, Kochi Prefecture, on that day. (Hitoshi Kikuchi)
The highest temperature ever recorded in Japan was felt in Shimanto, Kochi Prefecture, when the mercury hit 41.0 degrees at 1:42 p.m. on Aug. 12.
Farmers' 'nemesis wind' losing power to turbines, scientist says
Wind turbines dot the landscape in Shonai, Yamagata Prefecture, on April 13. (Sachi Matsumoto)
SHONAI, Yamagata Prefecture--Wind power turbines have apparently sapped the energy of a “nemesis wind” whose gusts have long hampered farmers in this northeastern town, a...
Weathernews goes unorthodox to grow business
Weathernews' "Global Center" in Mihama Ward, Chiba, puts out weather forecasts.(Ken Miyazaki)
When Weathernews Inc., a private meteorological information company in Chiba, wanted to expand its business, it decided to take the unorthodox step of putting its own satellite ...
JMA proves Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya 1-2 degrees hotter
The Shin-Marunouchi Building, right, in Tokyo's Chiyoda Ward is equipped with a device to cool the air with fine mist in this photo taken in 2007. (Asahi Shimbun file photo)
If the city feels hotter to you in the summer, you're right.
BIZ BRIEF: Fujitsu wins supercomputer bid from Taiwan's Central...
Fujitsu announced June 25 that Taiwan's Central Weather Bureau has chosen its PRIMEHPC FX10 supercomputer system for use in numerical weather predictions.
China issues weather forecasts for disputed islands
Senkaku islands (Asahi Shimbun file photo)
HONG KONG--In a move aimed at strengthening China’s sovereignty claims over disputed maritime territories, a Chinese meteorological bureau started issuing weather forecasts...
Rare tornado drives Fukushima evacuees from homes again
Junior high school students head for school on May 8 beside homes destroyed by a tornado two days earlier in the Hojo district of Tsukuba, Ibaraki Prefecture. (Shiro Nishihata)
Keiko Yoshida and Isao Takano were only finally beginning to feel settled after being driven from their homes by the nuclear disaster in Fukushima Prefecture last year.
VOX POPULI: Tornado just more proof of nature's mercilessness
A change in the sound of the rain made me look out of my window to find that hailstones were pelting the balcony. Scooping up a handful of white pellets, I imagined the...
Bangkok swelters, sparks debate on city planning in Asia
BANGKOK-- Five months after the worst floods in half a century, the Thai capital is facing a heatwave with temperatures at three-decade highs, stoking debate over chaotic urban ...
Landslide sweeps away 11 buildings in Niigata
The landslide in Joetsu, Niigata Prefecture, on March 13 (Satoru Sekiguchi)
JOETSU, Niigata Prefecture--Eighty people were told to evacuate ahead of a landslide that crushed 11 buildings at the foot of a mountain in the Itakura-ku Kokugawa district of...