UPDATE: Residents safe after volcano erupts on isolated southern...
YAKUSHIMA, Kagoshima Prefecture--All residents of Kuchinoerabujima island were confirmed safe after a volcanic eruption unleashed a plume of smoke reaching about 9,000 meters high...
IAEA blames TEPCO's poor preparations for Fukushima disaster
The U.N. nuclear watchdog squarely puts the blame for the Fukushima nuclear crisis on the plant operator’s inadequate preparations against natural disasters and severe accidents.
Okinawa Governor Takeshi Onaga talks to reporters after a meeting in Honolulu on May 27 with two U.S. congresswomen. (Koshin Shisui)
Onaga begins PR blitz in U.S. to oppose Futenma relocation plan
HONOLULU--Okinawa Governor Takeshi Onaga held talks with two congresswomen on May 27 in his drive to gain U.S. support for his opposition to construction of another U.S. military base in Japan’s southernmost prefecture.
Prime Minister Shinzo Abe heckles Kiyomi Tsujimoto of the Democratic Party of Japan by angrily saying, "Ask the question already!" in a Diet debate on national security legislation on May 28. (Shinichi Iizuka)
Abe apologizes for his rude outburst in debate
Prime Minister Shinzo Abe apologized for being rude in a debate in the Diet on May 28.
FIGURE SKATING/ Yearlong break revives Mao Asada's fighting spirit
Swimmer Tomita found guilty of stealing camera at Asian Games
Imperial couple celebrate 50th anniversary of park built on...
Japan's presence grows at contest for nuclear disaster robots
At 73, oldest freshman ever at Nagoya College of Music singing...
Ancient mold used to cast bronze mirror earliest found in Japan
Abe 'in general' allowing more exceptions for collective...
Purple sea bell flowers blossom on a 150-meter stretch of Nobiru beach in Higashi-Matsushima, Miyagi Prefecture, on May 23. (Yosuke Fukudome)
PHOTO: Purple flowers returning to tsunami-stricken Miyagi beach
HIGASHI-MATSUSHIMA, Miyagi Prefecture--Purple sea bells are making a comeback on Nobiru beach here after the 2011 tsunami wiped out nearly all of the flowering bindweeds.
Nobuyo Tada and her husband, Degenhard von Twickel, watch children play on a swing donated from Germany to an interim elementary school in Aizu-Wakamatsu, Fukushima Prefecture, on April 22. (Yoshitaka Ito)
After spontaneous remark, gifts from Germany lift spirits of...
AIZU-WAKAMATSU, Fukushima Prefecture--Nobuyo Tada beamed at the sights and sounds of disaster-affected pupils swinging on playground equipment here, the result of a spur-of-the-moment comment she had made in Germany.
TEPCO 'completes processing' highly radioactive water at Fukushima ...
Sendai nuclear reactors clear final screening
Gutted tsunami-hit structure to be preserved as memorial
TEPCO to finish processing highly contaminated water by month’s...
Plaintiffs suing over Fukushima nuclear disaster form nationwide...
Risk of hydrogen explosion from leaking containers at Fukushima...
Website shares photos, memories of evacuated Fukushima town
(Illustration by Mitsuaki Kojima)
Pink dogwood a lucky penny in the grass
Crayon Shin-chan submits a moving-in notification to the Kasukabe city government, together with a souvenir from Mexico. (Provided by Toho Co.)
Mischievous manga kid Crayon Shin-chan is back home where he...
KASUKABE, Saitama Prefecture--Kindergarten urchin Crayon Shin-chan has returned to his hometown in Saitama Prefecture after six weeks of being an amigo in Mexico.
ANIME NEWS: Exhibition to explore relationship between pop culture ...
JAPANESE HOME COOKING: Hamburger: Simple, savory--the...
ANIME NEWS: 'Assassination Classroom' gets second TV season,...
TOKYO NOW AND THEN: Button shop separates historic Manseibashi...
Samurai warlords resurrected in Nagoya
ANIME NEWS: Nahoko Uehashi, Taiyo Fujii nominated at 46th Seiun...
Tokyo cafe offers food, drink and birds of prey to go
Htin Linn, the head of the Myanmar delegation, speaks at a regional meeting concerning the Rohingya and Bangladeshi migrant crisis held at a hotel in Bangkok on May 29. (AP Photo)
Myanmar warns against ‘finger pointing’ at migrant meeting
BANGKOK--Regional talks to deal with the swelling tide of boat people in Southeast Asia began here May 29 with a defensive Myanmar official criticizing those who blame his country for causing the crisis, saying "finger...
Breaking taboo, Chinese newspaper carries editorial on Tiananmen
China defends South China Sea island development
Pentagon chief urges end to island-building in South China Sea
ZMP Inc.'s autonomous car based on the Toyota Prius undergoes test operations on public roads in July 2014. (Provided by ZMP Inc.)
Robotic taxi venture hopes to run driverless cabs by 2020 Olympics
Driverless taxicabs will be shuttling sports fans across Tokyo to venues for the 2020 Summer Olympics, according to the vision of start-up company Robot Taxi.
Pulling a tall cold one in the comfort of your home
Economic data show spending, factory output muted as yen falls
Japan to provide Shinkansen technology to Thailand
An artist’s rendition of a mega solar power plant that will be constructed in Kagoshima Prefecture (Provided by Gaia Power)
Solar plant for 30,000 households planned in Kagoshima
Construction of a massive solar power plant on a vast forested mountainside in Kagoshima Prefecture is set to get under way in September.
Scientists isolate monkey neurons that react to concept of 'zero'
First wireless in-wheel motor system developed for electric...
Auto parts eyed for redesigned space cargo craft to save money
Yang Yujun, spokesman for China’s Ministry of National Defense, holds a copy of China's white paper on military strategy during a news conference in Beijing on May 26. (The Asahi Shimbun)
EDITORIAL: Global pressure needed to curb China's aggressive...
China’s military will continue its aggressive maritime expansion. That’s the message, in a nutshell, of China’s latest defense white paper, released on May 26.
VOX POPULI: For some troops, the battle intensifies when they...
EDITORIAL: Abe should talk about risks that security legislation...
VOX POPULI: Dreams of home ownership as derelict as an old...
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